Logistics Executive Spotlight

Q&A with Terry Brown

Terry Brown DLP

Terry Brown is well known in the logistics and supply chain industry and an ambassador for logistics education. Brown recently retired as president of Diversified Port Holdings (DPH), formerly known as ICS Logistics, and its affiliated companies. His previous experience includes consulting with perishable industry members as well as serving as vice president of operations for the Carmar Group prior to its sale in 1998. He has extensive experience in the perishable logistics industry and has served for several years on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses and World Food Logistics Organization. He is also a certified public accountant.


Brown was awarded the prestigious Distinguished Logistics Professional (DLP) designation at the University of North Florida (UNF) in Jacksonville, Fla. on June 19. The American Society of Transportation & Logistics® DLP recognizes the upper echelon of logistics professionals who have shown their mastery through significant and career-long contributions to the industry. He is the 23rd professional to receive this designation.


UNF Global Logistics Training Resource Network program director, Lori Frederick, sat down with Brown to learn more about his successful career. 


What is one of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the logistics industry?

Since the economic slowdown in 2009, I’ve witnessed a greater efficiency in supply chain execution across all segments of business.  Companies are better utilizing technology to achieve these efficiencies.


What piece of advice would you offer someone new to the industry?

To educate themselves either on the job or taking classes at school.  Develop a networking group within the industry.


What’s the best advice you’ve received during your career? 

To always listen more and talk less.


Did you take it or did you realize it later?

I’ve always tried to learn from others by listening to their points of view and opinions.


What is your most memorable moment?

Receiving the DLP award.  It was a total surprise.


Describe a point in your life where you made a choice for a group of people that was unpopular, and how you managed it.

Not allowing a General Manager (GM) to promote a supervisor to a higher-level management position.  I sat with the GM and explained my reasoning as to why I made the decision and once he understood my opinion, and how I reached it, he agreed the supervisor wasn’t currently ready for the promotion.


Describe a time when you had to think outside the box to achieve your goal or project.

Working with the DPH management group and successfully winning the UPM paper contract and then executing even better than the KPI’s we set in the contract.  It was a great feeling for all the employees.


Who has played the most influential role in your life and why?

Bob McClendon, my first mentor in the logistics field.  He taught me practical real world applications but most importantly how to negotiate in all types of situations.


What technology change has had the greatest benefit to the industry?

Supply chain management technology, which has increased the utilization of all assets, involved in the supply chain.


After spending all these years working, what’s the next chapter?

Spending time with my family and watching my three children raise their children as well as increasing the amount of time I spend working for charitable causes.