Logistics Executive Spotlight

Q&A with Ronnie Calloway, President, Seaonus


Ronnie CallowayWhat is one of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the logistics industry? 

The willingness of companies to be more transparent and share critical information in order to accelerate a solution.

What piece of advice would you offer someone new to the industry?
Stay current and relevant through continuous education and industry exposure.

What’s the best advice you’ve received during your career? Did you take it or did you realize it later?
Have a big picture view and ask good questions. Do not get locked in to only focus on your task. You need to understand how your actions will influence others and be prepared to adjust when necessary.

What is one skill that you didn’t have starting out that you have since mastered?
Asking questions. If you ask good questions, you engage others in the issue and resolution.

What is your most memorable moment?
I have been very fortunate to work in many different roles during my career. And to point to my most memorable moment is very difficult. However, I can say the most memorable “moments” are getting letters, emails or cards from people you have worked with over the years and they say “Thank You.” Thank you for helping. There’s nothing better than that. If our most memorable moments are based on work objectives or activities, we are missing out on the most important part of leadership…helping others succeed.

Describe a point in your life where you made a choice for a group of people that was unpopular, and how you managed it.
I promoted a department manager that most felt was not the best choice. I met with everyone to explain and talk through my decision. However, I did have some managers resign as a result. I felt it was the correct decision and not the easy one. Within six months the department was the highest performing in the company and it was accomplished as a result of the new department manager’s leadership.

Who has played the most influential role in your life and why?
My wife, Kathy. Beyond being my wife of 33 years, she has been great counsel. She has a unique ability to see through the minutiae and get to the root of issues. She also has a keen insight of people.

What technology change has had the greatest benefit to the industry?
Supply Chain modeling. If designed correctly it takes all components into consideration when seeking the best solution.

What is one thing that you have shared with others after taking the CTL course?
The CTL course creates common language among those in the industry.