Aromatherapy for Daily Wellness - May 14
The Professor's One Minute Guide to Stock Management - May 28
Beginning Creative Watercolor - May 27
Creating 3-Dimensional Characters in Fiction
Learn to Kayak - May 10

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Welcome to LEARN Jacksonville, where we learn for the fun of it! Our non-credit, personal enrichment offerings provide a variety of avenues to explore, stories to tell and adventures to experience. With courses ranging from foreign languages to health and fitness, the world awaits you right in your own back yard.


Each semester, LEARN Jacksonville offers a diverse selection of classes, taught by passionate professionals. Classes meet in the evenings and on weekends and can be as few as one meeting.


If you’ve ever been curious about the art of beer brewing, wanted to know more about home decorating, toyed with writing a novel, or sought to understand the stock market, LEARN Jacksonville has a class for you. Come LEARN for the fun of it!


For more information please contact our Customer Care Team at (904) 620-4200 or



What students are saying: 

"After taking the class, I no longer feel like I have to be a victim to the market. I can study the market and make informed decisions. I don't have to be in the market all of the time.  It is ok to be out.  It is ok to short. I had no clue on ETF's and reverse ETF's.  It is a whole new world.

I realize it isn't foolproof and money can be lost but I now feel like a participant and not a spectator.

I would encourage anyone interested in trading and investing to take this class. How you view the stock market and investing will never be the same and you will profit from it."


- D. Knapp,  about the Professor’s One Minute Guide to Stock Management

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