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Leadership Development Certificate

This proprietary leadership development program is offered after years of refinement and successful implementation with rising high-potential employees, mid to senior managers and selected executives throughout North America. Small and large companies alike enhance their active leaders’ and managers’ skills, while developing organizational competence through the real-time problem-solving exercises built into the program design. 



During the customizable leadership development program, each participant will learn, micro to macro, best practices in executing the three necessary categories of skills required in every leadership responsibility:

Circle-1Self-Awareness and
Self-Management Skill

Circle-2Performance Management and Team Development Skills

Circle-3Organizational Design, Culture and Strategic Skills


• Retain Top Talent
• Make Better Decisions
• Nuture Future Leaders
• Improve Effective Leadership
• Increase Engagement
• Increase Productivity 



This program is designed for individuals with significant leadership responsibilities in their organizations:
• Presidents
• Vice presidents
• Directors
• Executive team members
• Senior managers
• Upper- to
   middle-level managers



 magnifying-glassMANAGING SELF


Module 1

Your Role as a Manager and a Leader

  • Defining the role of both managers and leaders
  • Developing personal work purpose
  • Work prioritization, time management and delegation
  • Key concepts of self-management – first things first

Module 2

Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional intelligence defined
  • Review of individual EQi 2.0 instrument results
  • Review of individual Predictive Index instrument results
  • Applying EQi – examples of EI in action
  • Self awareness – individual leadership styles
  • Stress and Eustress – review effects of stress and stress management from individual Stress Processing Reports



Module 3

The Power of Performance Management
& Coaching

  • Essentials of performance management
  • The performance curve – the drive toward mastery
  • Defining purpose, responsibilities and SMART goals
  • Applied coaching and counseling
  • Feedback and the performance review process
  • Elements of compensation and incentive plan design

Module 4

Developing High-Performance Teams
& Situational Leadership

  • Teams, work groups and committees
  • The structure of effective teams
  • Generating team consensus – simulation exercise
  • Applying leadership styles based on the situation
  • History of management theory

 Managing-teamsMANAGING TEAMS


Module 5

The Art and Science of Strategy

  • Strategic thinking vs. strategic planning
  • Evaluating strategy – relevant case study review
  • The strategic planning process
  • Setting strategic goals – the what and the how
  • Critical success factors and key performance indicators
  • The discipline of strategic execution

Module 6

Creating a Culture that Drives Success

  • Defining culture and its components
  • Leverage points for changing culture
  • Tools for assessing culture
  • Three approaches for guiding large scale organizational change
  • The bias of paradigms in blinding leaders



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