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Strategic Planning

How clearly have you developed the right business strategy for your organization that creates a competitive edge, and are you executing that strategy?


Organizations with a compelling vision and clear direction forge their path forward. An organization without clear strategic direction is like a ship without a rudder — it keeps moving, but either goes nowhere or ends up “someplace else.” Organizations require:

  • Clear strategic direction developed and supported by the leadership team
  • A communications plan to ensure the understanding and alignment of the entire organization to that plan
  • An execution model that converts the plan into reality
  • A system to measure progress and take corrective action or change course with circumstances

The UNF Executive Consulting Practice provides a straightforward and efficient model for guiding its clients through the strategic planning process. The methodology is conducted in a number of single-day facilitated sessions with an organization’s senior leadership team.


Between sessions, the leadership forms sub-teams to implement the work. When the plan is completed, organizational alignment is already well underway.

Organizational Design

To what degree have you established the business model, organizational structure and culture for your company that maximizes both customer value and company profitability?


An organization is a system – a combination of interdependent parts that work together to create a defined output. The effectiveness and efficiency of that system is the result of how well each part works and how well the parts work together. Just as a car’s gas mileage can be affected by many factors – weight of the car, engine design, tire pressure, type of gas and the way it is driven – so can an organization’s performance and profitability similarly be impacted by many factors and how they influence each other. Every organization should regularly examine its business model to ensure that the parts and their interactions are designed to maximize both effectiveness and efficiency…dramatically impacting performance and bottom line results.


The UNF executive consultants assist organizations in maximizing their effectiveness and efficiency through three consulting services:

  • Business Model Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Organizational Culture

Customized Internal Leadership Development Program

If an organization has at least fifteen individuals who would benefit from leadership development, an internal program might be the most appropriate solution. The internal Leadership Development Program follows the same overall structure as the invitational program, with the following additional advantages:

  • Because all the participants are part of the same organization, a significant amount of team development occurs as a natural part of the implementation of the program
  • The program can be customized to address specific areas of interest to the organization such as strategic planning, organizational change, continuous improvement, performance management or other company initiatives
  • The participants work on real-time issues as the modules evolve. Learning is applied directly and the sponsoring organization gains immediate benefit from the real work accomplished as well as the development of the senior individuals and senior team
  • With fifteen or more participants (maximum of 30) the internal program is more cost-effective on a per participant basis than individual registrations in the invitational program

Executive Team Development

There are many senior level work groups but few real senior teams. This distinction causes many senior teams to sub-optimize their performance and miss the opportunity for full synergy. The whole becomes less than the sum of the parts.


The opposite is also true. When the senior leaders of an organization develop the commitment and the skills to work together for their common success, appreciate their need for each other and have a dynamic relationship that demands the best of each of them the results can be astonishing.


Executive team development is a defined process for creating a high performing senior team. Real team development is far more than golf outings and social events. It engages the individuals as a team in defining their vision and their purpose. It clarifies roles and responsibilities. It develops ways of making decisions and sharing accountability that significantly raise the performance bar, while performing real work.


The outcome is not only a high performing team, but a team that has accomplished meaningful real work in the process.


The Executive Team Development process is customized for each senior team, depending on the nature of the goals, the individuals involved and the work to be performed. In general, the process consists of one full day of work for the team once a month over a four month period.

Sales Management Systems

How effectively has your organization developed the sales system that enable you to achieve your revenue goals through a high performing sales organization and sales force?


In order to achieve organic sales growth, the most effective organizations examine their sales model and consider the following questions:

  • Have we developed the right products and services for our target markets and established a differentiated advantage at a competitive price?
  • Have we created the strategic and tactical marketing initiatives and support that emphasize our value proposition?
  • Have we created the right sales organization – size, territories, reporting structures, sales pipeline management system, responsibilities, training, commission plans, etc. that drives the right sales activities?
  • Do we have the right sales management processes in place to reinforce desired behaviors and coach for corrective action as needed
  • Are we selecting and training the best sales talent for our organization based on validated performance criteria?

The UNF executive consulting team implements a sales assessment process in partnership with its client organizations. This assessment process includes the following elements:

  • Review of the organization's sales strategy
  • Assessment of the sales system
  • Review of the sales management pipeline and processes to support sales activities
  • Assessment of the recruitment of selection process for sales talent for the type of salesperson needed

Customized Organizational Development Consulting Services

The UNF Executive Development Consulting Group is available for the design and implementation of customized consulting services for a client organization.


Services include but are limited to:

  • Strategic planning
  • Executive team development
  • Large project live team development
  • Large-scale (enterprise) project management
  • Performance management systems
  • Continuous improvement systems
  • Guiding organizational change
  • Re-organization
  • Measurement systems
  • Talent management systems

For further information regarding any of these executive offerings, or to schedule an exploratory conversation with any of the executive development consultants, please contact Tim Giles at (904) 620-4231 by e-mail .


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