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Financial Assistance

Individuals enrolling in programs offered through the University of North Florida Division of Continuing Education (UNFDCE) may be eligible for financial assistance through one of the following:


AmeriCorps funding is accepted once the participant has submitted his/her request through the AmeriCorps portal, and provides UNFDCE a copy of the submission and approval. It can be used for a face-to-face or online class format. Contact Program Director, Jessica Murray, with questions.

Florida Prepaid College Program

If you have the Florida Prepaid tuition plan, it will pay $117.08 per credit hour for the 2018-2019 academic year. Since the programs provided by UNFDCE are clock hours, they need to be converted to credit hours to determine the total amount to be paid by Florida Prepaid. To get started, go to the Florida Prepaid website, create a profile, and submit documentation to UNFDCE verifying your account. If your account is not in good standing or you need to complete a survey, Florida Prepaid will not pay. It can be used for a face-to-face or online class format. Visit or contact Program Director, Jessica Murray, with questions.

Information Session Discounts

For a few selected programs (Project Management, Logistics, and Certified Financial Planner), information sessions are held to provide individuals the opportunity to ask programmatic questions and meet the instructors. Discounts are available to these attendees.


The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program (MyCAA) helps military spouses pursue licenses, certificates, certifications, or Associate’s Degrees necessary for gainful employment in high-demand, high-growth Portable Career Fields and Occupations. It can be used for a face-to-face or online class format. To establish a MyCAA account and get your enrollment approved, visit the spouse portal at Contact Program Director, Jessica Murray, with questions.

Private Loans

You may be interested in obtaining a private education loan. The lenders offering these loans determine their interest rates, enrollment status requirements, repayment options, and any fees that may apply. Contact the lender directly for more information. In no particular order, some lenders include Chase, Citibank, Sallie Mae, Discover, and Sun Trust. These lenders are not presented as a preferred lender list and UNFDCE does not receive any benefits from them. You are free to use any lender of your choice, including those not listed here.

Promissory Notes

A Promissory Note can be requested for some programs. Typically, a 50% deposit must be made to reserve your seat in the class; however, some programs may require more. The number of payments and due dates will vary with each case. Contact our Customer Care Team at 904-620-4200 for more information.