Hugabug News

UNF Child Development Research Center

June & July 2015


Upcoming Events

6/3    Last Day VPK

6/12   Water Play Day

6/18   Library visit                                                9:45 am sharp

6/19   Nigerian Cultural performance            9 am

6/23  visit to UNF TV station                     9:45 am sharp

6/26  water play day                                   

6/30  Silly Hat Day

7/2    4th of July picnic at lake Oneida                   11 am sharp

7/3    4th of July holiday                               school closed

7/7    Backwards day

7/10   Water play day

7/14   Mud day

7/15   Police chief reads to children              10 am

7/16   Visit to UNF TV station                     9:45 am sharp

7/17   Silly Feet Day

7/21   Library visit                                                9:45 am sharp

7/24  Water play day

7/30  Bubbles day


Happy Birthday

6/5 Jacob B.                             7/12 Benjamin T

6/11 Ms. Naga                           7/15 Jordan F

6/24 Timothy H.                       7/25  Jahan D


Summer Notes

·         VPK ends on June 3rd and although some children will be staying throughout the summer, many will be leaving CDRC.  It’s been a wonderful year and we thank you for sharing your children with us.

·         This year we will be closing down the Manatees classroom for the summer. The children will move to their new classroom the week of June 8th. This is a very exciting time for the children because they get to explore a new classroom and meet new friends and teachers.

·         Summer will begin with a big bang on June 12th with Water Play Day.    Children should bring bathing suits, towels and shoes, which can get wet, to enjoy Water Play Days.  Please apply sunscreen to your child before coming to school.  Other special days such as library day, silly hat day etc. have also been planned during the summer and your child’s teacher will let you know more about them. 

Emergency Procedures

Once again we are all beginning to think about hurricane season.  If we need to evacuate the center due to power outages or other emergencies, CDRC needs current phone numbers for all parents.  Please let us know if your numbers have changed. In case of an emergency, this is our means of contacting you.

Ticks and Lyme disease

Now that warm weather is here, it’s tick season again in Florida.  Ticks can carry Lyme disease which has tripled nationwide since 1993.  Lyme disease begins with a bull’s eye shaped rash and vague, flu-like symptoms.  Without treatment, Lyme can progress with potentially disabling effects, like severe arthritis, fatigue, numbness in the hands or feet and neurological problems.  Caught early, the Lyme bacteria usually can be wiped out with antibiotics.  But many cases go undetected for years because people, though sick, often don’t know they’ve been bitten by a tick or don’t develop the tell-tale rash.  To reduce your chances of a tick bite:

§  Avoid likely tick-infested areas such as wooded, bushy areas or places with high grass and leaf litter.

§  When in a likely tick area, wear insect repellant with 20% DEET or more.

§  Light colored clothing helps you spot ticks more easily.

§  Before going indoors, perform a tick check on yourself or child.

§  If a tick is found, use a fine-tipped tweezers to remove.  Grab the tick close to the skin and do not twist or jerk.

CDRC Summer Staff

Director  Pam Bell

Assistant Director  Mahreen Mian

Interim Office Manager  Erica Calorel

Dolphin’s Lead Teacher  Melissa Leone

Cardinal’s Lead Teacher  Nancy Winckler Zuniga

Bear’s Lead Teacher  Brianna Pollack