Community Outreach



Definition (ref. American Heritage Dictionary):

  • To surpass (another) in reach.
  • To reach out.
  • A systematic attempt to provide services beyond conventional limits, as to particular segments of a community.


The UNF School of Engineering Outreach Program is committed to the goal of introducing gifted, talented, creative, and ambitious young people in all segments of the community to the field of engineering as a career, increasing the general awareness of our engineering program, and making a positive difference in the community.


Carter Woodson, educator, said: "The true meaning of leadership is service."
(Ref. Quotes to inspire thoughts about community service and leadership)



Team UP Summer Camp 2014  



Our Programs

K-12 Make the Connection 
The UNF School of Engineering is committed to community outreach that introduces the local K-12 community to the field of engineering. Our engineering outreach program, Make the Connection, was created to serve that purpose. The program incorporates a combination of classroom visits, campus field trips, in-class activities, and group discussions with professional and student engineers to effectively teach young students about engineering. Experience has shown this to be the most effective way to help young students understand what engineers do.


Student Shadowing Program  

The goal of inward academic outreach to our undergraduate and community college students is accomplished with our second phase of Outreach, the Student Shadowing Program. This program allows freshman and sophomore students intending to major in engineering the opportunity to connect with a current engineering student and participate in engineering activities, clubs, and insights that they wouldn’t normally be exposed to until they gain entrance into the program during the beginning of their junior year.


The Connect Program  

This year we are excited to launch phase 3 of our comprehensive outreach program, Connect. This new phase of outreach pairs our students with industry to help solve specific challenges identified by companies. Students bring your business problems back into the classroom and work with professors to find solutions.



Ms. Kathie Carswell

Coordinator, Outreach and Recruitment

(904) 620 1358


Did You Know

A study by the ACT reported a drop in the number of high school seniors planning to study engineering 90% of Americans believe that improving pre-college math and science education is a national priority that must be addressed. Learning about engineering will increase students' awareness of scientific and technical careers. 

What is our part in changing the equation?

Enterprise Florida, Inc. reports that "our increasingly knowledge based economy is driven by innovation - the foundation of which lies in a dynamic and well-educated workforce equipped with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills."


To learn more, visit Change The Equation.