Proctor Information

A proctor is an impartial monitor who administers a student's exam and ensures the security and integrity of the exam process. To determine whether a proctor is needed, consider this rule of thumb: generally if a student is located within a 60-mile radius of UNF, he/she will take the exam on campus. If the student is located outside a 60-mile radius of UNF, an off-campus proctor will be necessary. Preferred proctor sites are FEEDS-affiliated Florida universities. If the student is located outside a 60-mile radius of the preferred proctor sites, an alternate proctor must be selected.

Acceptable Proctors 

  • UNF Distance Learning Staff
  • Professional employees of accredited post secondary colleges or universities
  • Elementary or secondary school superintendents, principals, or guidance counselors
  • Commissioned Education Officer of the military
  • Certified Librarian at a public library
  • Supervisor or Employer
  • Clergy

Unacceptable Proctors

  • Relatives or family members
  • Co-workers
  • Friends/Peers
  • Students

Universities that offer Proctoring Services

The instructor reserves the right to deny any proctor, or to assign specific proctors to students as necessary.

Proctor Responsibilities

  • Upon receipt, the exam must be placed in a secure location for safekeeping until the exam is administered.
  • The proctor should ask for photo identification, unless the student is personally known by the proctor.
  • No cell phones, computers, laptops or PDAs permitted unless specified in the test instructions.
  • No communication is permitted among students taking the examinations unless specified in the test instructions.
  • Questions that arise during the exam should be addressed to the instructor. If the instructor cannot be reached, the proctor should instruct the student to make a reasonable assumption, note the assumption on the exam, and continue with the exam.
  • The proctor should collect the exam, sign and date the Proctor Certification Form, and return the exam along with the Proctor Certification Form via the return method specified on the form.

The regulations and conditions must be rigorously observed in administering examinations. In the event a proctor cannot administer an exam in accordance with these regulations, the proctor must contact the Distance Learning Office at the University of North Florida immediately.