School of Computing Forms


Below, you will find links to commonly-used forms within the School of Computing. More general forms can be found on One Stop's website; just click forms in the left-hand navigation pane.


Academic Plan of Action

This form is used to document intervention in the case of a student failing to maintain good academic standing or violating the Satisfactory Progress Policy.. The form is available here.

Admissions Referral Form

This form is used to aid in determining whether to accept or deny your admissions referral decision. The form is available here.

Directed Independent Study

This form is used to request permission to take a Directed Independent Study course. Download the paper form here.

Registration Waiver Request

This form is used to request taking a course without the appropriate prerequisites, or with time-overlap with another course. Download the paper form here.

Return from Suspension Request 

This form is used to request a return from suspension for students intending to major in Computing upon their return. Otherwise, suspended students will need to locate the appropriate unit's suspension form on its advising site. The form is available here.

Spoken Presentation Form

This form is used as the rubric to fulfill the Oral Exit Requirement required of Computing majors. While most students complete this requirement in CIS3253, Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing, students may obtain the permission of an instructor in any upper-level (3000-4000) Computing course to fulfill this requirement. The completed form should be returned to the School of Computing. Download the paper form here.

Waiver of School Policy

This form is used to request an exception to School Policy due to extenuating circumstances. Download the paper form here.