Spring 2014 School of Computing Symposium

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Friday, April 18, 2014 from 3 PM to 5:30 PM

Grand Banquet Hall

UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center 


About the Event

The School of Computing Symposium features course projects, thesis projects, and other types of faculty research projects carried out by undergraduate and graduate students. Students and faculty will share their work via poster presentations. This event will provide you an opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with our faculty and other computing students.

The event is open to the public.  Light refreshments will be served.  The symposium is free but RSVPs are required (registration is closed).


If you attended, please provide us feedback by completing the survey available at below link:


Spring 2014 Feedback Survey



Our Sponsors 

Special thanks to corporate sponsors for supporting our students in this event. This symposium is supported by annual contributions by members of the School of Computing Advisory Board and local companies. 


Program Schedule

2:15 PM to 2:45 PM – Students setting up their poster
2:30 PM to 3:30 PM – Check-in and registration
3:00 PM – Event kickoff
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM – Attendees view posters and provide feedback
5:00 PM to 5:30 PM – Event closing and announcement of symposium winners

During the event, each attendee will be provided with five voting stickers. Each poster will have space allotted in the table for placing voting stickers. Attendees can place voting stickers on posters they liked most. Posters that receive the highest number of stickers would be announced as the symposium prize winners.


Event Materials

Promotional Flyer


Program Schedule 



Symposium Winners 

During the event, attendees were provided with six votes with instructions to cast one vote per poster. Winners of the symposium were decided based on the number of votes received. Winners were recognized with cash prizes and certification awards. Mr. Yash Nath, CEO of iStartJax and Mr. Jim Simak, Executive Vice President at Harris Computer Systems along with Dr. Asai Asaithambi presented cash prizes and award certificates to winners of the symposium.



First Place Winner (Prize - $200) 
Poster Title: Trinity Rescue Mission Overnight Intake Program

Presenters: Anthony Farr, Daniel Fernandez, Tatini Gandham, and Ivan Nunez

Course: CIS 4328 - IS Senior Project II



Second Place Winner (Prize - $150) 
Poster Title: Node.js Application for Stocks

Presenters: Francesco Calabrese, Ty Downs, Alfonso Fajardo, Jimmy Thai, and Christian Weatherford

Course: CEN 4010 - Software Engineering



Third Place Winner (Prize - $100)
Poster Title: Looking Through the Glass: A UNF Walking Tour

Presenters: Jared Magaro, David Iya, Tyler Heveran, Steven Haas, and Morganne Lander

Course: CIS 2991 - Inventing Mobile Apps for Android Phone and Tablet




Honorable Mention Winners


Eleven posters were recognized with honorable mention award for best-in-class poster presentation. Honorable mention winners received $50 cash prize and award certificate. See below for list of honorable mention award winners:

Poster Title: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Inmate Disciplinary Report
Presenters: Randy Blankenship, Joshua Dickison, Niloufar Mohaseb, and Bradford Wilson
 Course: CIS 4328/CIS 4594 – IS Senior Project II/Mobile Capstone II
Poster Title: Budget Meal App – Recipe that fits your budget
Presenters: Zhamir Cobb, Stephanie McMahon, Christina Polidan, Kelton Rahusen, and Jarrett Reece
Course: CGS 4308 - Information Processing and Requirements Specification
Poster Title: The UNF Crowd Sourcerer
Presenters: Joseph Hoeppner, Priyanka Dhoopa Harish, and Tyler Morris
Course: COP 4813 - Internet Programming
Poster Title: Joomla! Website for GroundWork Jacksonville
Presenters: Donald Dedman, Scot Hancock, and Kyle Lennie
Course: CIS 4930 - TLO: Website and Apps for community
Poster Title: MIDI Music Model
Presenters: Elizabeth Feldman and Khushboo Pachchigar
Course: COT 4470 - Introduction to Music Informatics
Poster Title: Android Broker
Presenters: Melissa Land, Michelle Jones, Nisha Tabassum, Riley Prescott, Justin Gagnon, and Michael Perkins
Course: CEN 4010 - Software Engineering
Poster Title: Peanut Butter Shopping Time 
Presenters: Jonathan Chery, Curtis Nowak, Casey Parker, Thomas Petrocelli, and Eugene Sadsarin
Course: COP 3855 - Web Access and Systems Design
Poster Title: Mid-Range Wireless Power Transfer
Presenters: Brian Hicks
Course: CNT 4514C - Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
Poster Title: Fast Play For Fast Players
Presenters: Arvin Chavez, Tyler Rochester, Justin Fellin, Josh Birnholz, and Christen Hancock
Course: CIS 2991 - Inventing Mobile Apps for Android Phone and Tablet
Poster Title: Sorting by Transpositions
Presenters: Jici Huang and John C. Fitzgerald
Course: Research Papers
Poster Title: Motherlode: A Crowdsourced CMS for GIS Applications
Presenters: David King, Nicole DeRoin, Matt Walston, and Geoff Wark
Course: CEN 6017 - Engineering of Software II


* Symposium presenters received a participation certificate.

Apart from above winners, two other posters received special recognition for the best real world application project and  the best investable product. The best real world application project poster was selected by Jim Simak from Harris Computer Systems and the best investable product poster was selected by Yash Nath from iStartJax.


Best Real World Application Poster Title: CFCATS - Computer Forensics Case Management Tracking System
Presenters: Chris LaValley, Sai Raghu Talluri, and Jigisha Rana
Course: CEN 6017 - Engineering of Software II
Best Investable Product Poster Title: ID10T Interfaces
Presenters: Christopher Phelps, George Muller, Matthew Pawloski, Bradley Boman, Okechukwu Anyanwu
Course: CEN 4010 - Software Engineering

Event Location and Parking

UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center 

12000 Alumni Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32224 - 2678


The University Center offers complimentary parking to all event attendees. You can find driving instructions at the below link: 


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Participating Courses

Students and Faculty from following courses and research projects will be presenting their work at the symposium. 


Course/Research Project Faculty Description of Posters
CIS 2991 - Inventing Mobile Apps for Android Phone & Tablet Dr. Kenneth E. Martin Android Apps designed and created using App Inventor
CIS 4328/CIS 4594 -  IS Senior Project II/Mobile Capstone II Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy Custom built software products for local non-profit organizations
CGS 4308 – Information Processing: Requirements Identification and Specification Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy Gather requirements and design solution for a novel software product idea
CIS 4930 – TLO: Website & App Development for Community Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy and Dr. Ching-Hua Chuan      Develop websites for local non-profit organizations using Joomla CMS
CEN 4010 - Software Engineering Mr. Douglas Leas  
COP 3855 - Web Access and Systems Design Mr. James Littleton An e-business company proposal and website
COP 4813 - Internet Programming Dr. Ching-Hua Chuan Interactive web-based application
COT 4470 - Introduction to Music Informatics Dr. Ching-Hua Chuan Music information analysis and retrieval systems
CEN 6017- Engineering of Software II Dr. Sherif Elfayoumy Specialized software products for local organizations
CNT 4514C – Wireless and Mobile Computing Dr. Zornitza Prodanoff  
Research Projects Dr. Swapnoneel Roy and Dr. Zornitza Prodanoff Reports and findings from research studies



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