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UNF Cares Courses

About UNF Cares Courses (1-credit hour)

These special topics Community-Based Transformational Learning courses are intentionally designed as introductory community engagement experiences. Students are introduced to selected interdisciplinary topics and issues through activities in community settings that are designed to meet community needs. Students explore their individual strengths while considering how their assets can have a positive impact in the world. While many University courses develop students’ skills, knowledge, and expertise to pursue a career, these courses provide a time for students to explore their purpose and place in this world. During the semester, students will connect with new people, new ideas, new places, and new challenges. Through a UNF Cares course experience, students may gain a clearer sense of purpose or begin to consider new directions. This opportunity is a student’s chance to explore possibilities and use their strengths in real-world settings.

UNF Cares Course Offerings - Spring 2019

UNF Cares course topics and descriptions will remain constant for the Spring semester.  Logistical information related to the community-based project or activity for each course is subject to change (i.e. community partner, project location, days/dates, and times).