Ospreys in Action




The Center for Community-Based Learning has facilitated a group of alternative break trips at UNF through the Ospreys in Action program. This program offers opportunities for students to engage in diverse communities through education and service during their spring break, providing a quality community-based transformational learning opportunity. 


With questions or for more information about the Ospreys in Action program, please contact Justin Sipes via email or at (904) 620-3548. 

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What is the Ospreys in Action program?  

Each year, students will forego a traditional spring break in favor of volunteering around the country and world. This program is a part of a global movement of students that share a vision for creating a society of active citizens by taking time to learn and serve during their academic breaks.


OIA aligns with UNF’s efforts to educate men and women with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the Jacksonville community and beyond. The guiding principles for OIA are:

  • Diversity & Openness
  • Integrity & Self-Awareness
  • Community Action & Reflection
  • Socially Responsible Leadership
  • Connecting Knowledge & Experience

What does my commitment to an OIA trip entail?

All students and faculty/staff on each trip will participate in community service, educational opportunities, reflection and leadership development, a curriculum that promotes self-awareness, global citizenship and leadership through civic engagement. Each trip team will engage in pre-trip education, preparation, fundraising and post-trip reflection.

Who can go on an Ospreys in Action trip?

Each OIA team consists of up to 8 student participants, 2 student Site Leaders, and 2 faculty/staff partners.


Site Leaders are students who were identified and paired together in early Fall 2015. Their roles are primarily to mentor and facilitate conversations amongst trip participants. These students demonstrate leadership in the UNF community through prior experience and go through six months of training to prepare for the Site Leader role.


Participants are students expected to partake in all pre-trip education, service, and fundraising and fully engage in the entire immersion trip itself. These students must show a curiosity for doing service and making a positive impact, but no previous service or leadership experience is necessary.


Faculty/Staff Partners will accompany each trip as mentors to Site Leaders and Participants while also handling logistical and emergency tasks. They will participate in all service, educational, and reflection experiences during the trip alongside students. 

Are there scholarships available? 

Yes, there are need-based scholarships available to a limited number of students who are eligible to be OIA participants. These scholarships will cover up to 50% of a student’s trip cost. Students designate their interest in being considered for a need-based scholarship on their Participant application.

How do I apply?

The application window for the 2017-2018 is currently unavailable.  Please check back in the Fall 2017 for more information.

How can I learn more? 

For more information about the Ospreys in Action program, please contact Justin Sipes via email or at (904) 620-3548.  Please join our OIA Facebook Group or Like our Center for Community-Based Learning Facebook Page for continuous updates and announcements.