Community Scholars Program

The Community Scholars Program is a professional Community of Practice for UNF faculty members and student affairs professionals with a commitment to Community- Based Transformational Learning (CBTL). Each cohort's experience is designed to enhance practitioner's knowledge of and expertise in CBTL as well as help them develop strategies that support the infusion of CBTL throughout the University. Faculty members and student affairs professionals chosen as Community Scholars are awarded a one-time $3,000 stipend.

UNF faculty members and student affairs professionals who participate in the Community Scholars Program can expect to:

  • increase their professional and community-based social networks;
  • identify their strengths and/or weaknesses as CBTL practitioners;
  • enhance their understanding of their assumptions that shape and the theories behind the best practices of CBTL;
  • view their practice of CBTL pedagogies as proficient and with confidence;
  • share their expertise regarding CBTL with other UNF faculty members and student affairs professionals;
  • understand the role of community as co-instructor in their practice of CBTL; 
  • learn more about community issues, assets, and needs. 

UNF’s Community Scholars will:

  • Attend required one-day orientation session, titled "Our Jax";
  • Participate in six, three-hour seminars during the spring semester relating to real issues in CBTL (i.e., instructional design, assessment, university-community partnerships, etc.) or urgent developments important to the expansion of CBTL at UNF;
  • Produce a written (1) plan to enhance CBTL instruction elements in an existing course, (2) syllabus that adds CBTL instructional elements into a new course, or (3) product, such as contribute to a collection of short position papers or briefs on CBTL, a CBTL focused UNF summer research grant proposal, presentation or poster session for a regional or national conference, external grant proposal supporting CBTL programming, peer reviewed presentation or publication;
  • Serve as peer consultants regarding CBTL.

For more information about the Community Scholars Program e-mail Heather Burk or Ryan Doan

Get to know UNF's Community Scholars

Please click on the image for more information about each cohort. 
Cohort 1 Cohort 2

Community Scholars Cohort 1 Group Photo

Community Scholars Cohort 2 Group Shot

L-R: Carol Spector, Sejal Parikh, PeDro Cohen, Stephynie Perkins, Marcia Ladendorff, Chris Janson, JeffriAnne Wilder, Mark Falbo, Dan Richard, Marnie Jones, Jim Crook   

L-R: PeDro Cohen, Mark Falbo, Mary Lundy, Barbara Olinzock, Martina Perry, Annabel Brooks, Julie Merten, Diane Denslow

Cohort 3   Cohort 4

CSP Cohort 3


L-R: Joy Feria, Marnie Jones, Jennifer Spaulding-Givens,
Gigi David,
Larry Daniel, Barb Kruger, Mark Workman, Pam Chally, Mark Tumeo, Christopher Johnson, Christopher Brown,
Ajay Samant, Kate Mattingly-Learch



L-R:  Karthik Umapathy, Bobbi Doggett, Debbie Reed,
Jody Nicholson, Connie Roush, Tarah Trueblood
, Michelle Boling
Cohort 5 Cohort 6
 Community Scholars 5
L-R: Shana Harrington, Jenny Hager, Lori Lange, Jan Meires, Erinn Gilson, Bryan Bannon, Paul Eason
    L-R: Justin Sipes, Chitra L. K. Balasubramanian, Bonnie Pope, Natalie Indelicato, Alan Harris, Leslie Kaplan,
Sophie Maxis
(Not pictured)
The scholars from each cohort are listed in blue.    



Program Application

 2015-2016 Application

The deadline to submit an application for the 2015-2016 Community Scholars cohort is closed. 


Community Scholars 2014-2015

Dr. Natalie Arce Indelicato

Dr. Alan Harris

Dr. Chitra L. K. Balasubramanian

Dr. Leslie Kaplan

Dr. Sophie Maxis

Dr. Bonnie Pope

Mr. Justin Sipes