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Cindy Cummings

Cindy Cummings' undergraduate degree is in Nursing from the University of Maryland.  She obtained her M.S. in Nursing from the University of Maryland and her EdD from the University of North Florida.  At UNF, she holds the title of Associate Professor and Program Director for the Accelerated Nursing program.  

Cindy has worked with a community based partner since coming to UNF in 2008. She began by working with the American Red Cross and then transitioned from that group to Volunteers Nurses in Wellness, which she has been with since 2010 and Volunteers in Medicine since 2013. In 2015, she began work with the Arc Jacksonville, a group which works with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Her community experiences have been to work closely with the partners to understand their needs and to guide students to help the partner meet those needs. The students are part of a home base program, in which they work 18 hours for 2 semesters and then complete 80 hours with their partner in the final semester. So, the students work for one year with their community partner. Currently, Cindy's students are working with the Arc Village to enhance nursing student knowledge of this resident population and to educate the residents on requested classes.  

The community scholar project that Cindy worked on during the 2016-2017 academic year focused on the Arc Village. The project aimed for nursing students to become familiar with residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. An attitude survey was administered, as well as an informational power-point. The students worked with the residents and also presented topics of interest to the residents.  Examples of artifacts submitted by Cindy include: Scholarly paper on Arc Village Jacksonville; Poster on Arc Village; PDFs on student presentations of Lessons of Love and Conflict Resolution; and an example of a student community log.