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Stephen Stagon, PhD - Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Stephen (Steve) Stagon joined the University of North Florida in academic year 14/15 as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Prior, Steve earned a BS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut. His research interests center around synthesis, processing, and application of nanostructured materials. He is advisor to the UNF student chapters of the Florida Engineering Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Osprey Robotics. Steve entered the Community Scholars program as a blank slate, but left with a plan to expand his involvement in Jacksonville. During his first year, Steve co-taught Capstone Senior Design with Dr. Paul Eason and Dr. Alan Harris (both are from prior cohorts of Community Scholars), in which the students engineered and built systems for community partners like the Jacksonville Zoo. These Zoo projects included a 10 foot tall “weeble-wobble” play toy for elephants and environmental control for snake cages which simulates daily and seasonal changes in weather patterns. In 2017/18, Steve has returned to Capstone Senior Design with Dr. Alan Harris. New project partners include local small businesses and inventors. 



Project and Reflections