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Emma Apatu, DrPH - Assistant Professor, Public Health

Dr. Emma Apatu is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health at the University of North Florida (UNF). Apatu completed her Doctor of Public Health in Community Health at East Tennessee University and Master of Public Health in Health Education and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University. Dr. Apatu actively tries to engage her students in real life learning experiences. Most recently, she was recognized for her excellence in teaching by being named to receive a 2015-2016 UNF outstanding undergraduate teaching award and was part of one of twelve community-academic teams that was chosen to participate in one of the nation’s top training programs in Community-Based Research offered by the Detroit Urban Research (links: Youtube, Detroit URC)  For her UNF Community Scholar project, Dr. Apatu plans to conduct a cross sectional survey with a sample of her incoming Research and Community Health students to understand student preferences for community engagement in a undergraduate research methods course.  



Understanding How to Enhance Learning Experiences Beyond the Classroom