Julie Merten MSH, MCHES - Instructor and Internship Director, Public Health

Julie Merten MSH, MCHES

Instructor and Internship Director, Public Health


Julie Merten’s affinity for the University of North Florida began more than 10 years ago when she stepped on to our campus as an undergraduate student.  Her curiosity for human behavior and her interest in people helped her to earn a B.A. in psychology and public relations and a M.S. in health education/health promotion.  She excelled in both programs and was hired to serve as an instructor for the Brooks College of Health shortly after finishing her graduate work.  


Ms. Merten uses project-based learning in her classes to build student buy-in and to provide real-world experiences for students to apply the knowledge and skills they learn during the course.  She has presented a poster, Implementing an Interactive Campus Health Fair Through a Multidisciplinary Course, on one such project about creating a Women’s Health Fair at the 2010 Annual Meeting of American College Health Association in Philadelphia, PA. 


Ms. Merten realizes the value of community-based learning as a transformational learning opportunity and has committed herself to building partnerships with various groups throughout the Jacksonville community to bolster student understanding.  The Brooks College of Health recognizes her ability to forge mutually beneficial relationships and has charged her with overseeing the undergraduate Community Health Internship program for the Department of Public Health.  She has also authored Grow Great Health Educators through Community-Based Learning(2011), Stroke Survivors and Community Health Students Benefit through the Collaboration of Brooks Rehabilitation and University of North Florida(2011), and Lead Change by Growing the Wellness Leaders of Tomorrow: Build Strong University and Worksite Wellness Partnerships(2011). 


Ms. Merten's work with the Northeast Florida health and wellness community has presented many opportunities for Department of Public Health students to enhance their learning and contribute meaningfully to the community.  As a Community Scholar, she is focusing on developing a course prior to the required internship that provides students with opportunities to assess, plan, implement and evaluate health education programs for different non-profit organizations each semester which ultimately aligns with the Community Health program’s mission to provide students the education and experience needed for entry-level health education positions.