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Effective Fall 2013, there is a course withdrawal limit for all degree-seeking and non-degree seeking undergraduate students. The limit is six (6) UNF course withdrawals.

  • Three (3) course withdrawals at the 1000/2000 level  
  • Three (3) course withdrawals at the 3000 level or above  

Unused withdrawals are forfeited and may not be carried forward. After the withdrawal limit is reached, students will be blocked from further course withdrawals by the myWings registration system.

Any course withdrawals that took place prior to Fall 2013 do not count toward the limit. The withdrawal limitation only applies to courses taken in Fall 2013 or later.

Courses with a grade of WM, WS, or WR are excluded from the limitation policy.

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor prior to completing a course withdrawal if there are questions about how this will affect the academic record or future coursework options.

Please note that graduate students do not have a withdrawal limit.

To view the University's current official policy, click here.

A student may withdraw from a course or from the University starting at the end of the add/drop period through the withdrawal deadline as posted on the Academic Calendar. The student may withdraw online through myWings or complete and submit an official withdrawal request form by the deadline to One Stop Student Services. A grade of “W” will be assigned upon completion of the withdrawal request process, and no refund will be generated. If a student stops attending classes without officially withdrawing, a final grade of “F” is assigned.

Petitioning to extend the withdrawal deadline is not permitted under normal circumstances. Extraordinary situations must be documented.

Students should exercise care when withdrawing from classes, as such actions may impact the time needed to complete their degree(s) and current or future eligibility for financial aid and/or Veterans' Affairs (VA) educational benefits. Students seeking advice regarding the academic impact of withdrawing should contact their academic advisor. Students seeking advice regarding the impact withdrawing has on financial aid and/or VA benefits should contact One Stop Student Services.

Late Withdrawals

A student may petition for late withdrawal if there are unusual circumstances clearly beyond the student’s control. A student may petition for withdrawal from a course up until the end of the term, prior to grades posting. The dean or designee of the student’s major college has final approval/disapproval authority. The course instructor does not approve or disapprove the withdrawal, but only assigns a grade of “WP” or “WF.” The instructor may recommend an action or write an explanation of the applicable circumstances. This policy does not mean a student has the right to withdraw from a course after the official withdrawal deadline simply because he/she had a passing grade at the time.

To view the University's current official policy, click here.