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Graduate Grade Point Average (GPA)

The graduate GPA includes all graduate credits taken once the student has been accepted as a degree-seeking graduate student. This includes all graduate credits taken as a post-baccalaureate student, even before official admission to a graduate program, when those credits are used to fulfill degree requirements. 

When graduate credit hours taken as a post-baccalaureate student are not counted toward fulfillment of degree requirements, they are not counted in the construction of the graduate GPA. Undergraduate credits, no matter when they are taken, are not counted. Transfer credits are not counted.

The University Registrar determines GPA by dividing the sum of grade points earned in graded courses by the number of UNF hours attempted. In the following example, the sum of all grade points multiplied by credit hours (48.7) divided by the number of (Psychology) course credit hours (14) equals a GPA of 3.478.

Grade Point Average Example
 Course  Grade  Points  x Credits Hrs  Total Points
 PCO 6056  A-  3.7  4  14.8
 PCO 6317C  B  3.0  4  12.0
 PCO 6869  B+  3.3  3  9.9
 PCO 6935  A  4.0  3  12.0
 Totals:      14  48.7

The graduate GPA does not include hours with grades of X, I, P, NR, W, WP, WM, WS, and WD. Transfer credits are also not included. Graduate students are not eligible for grade or term forgiveness.

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