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2018-2019 Catalog
MSL 2101: Individual Leadership Studies

Course Description for Individual Leadership Studies

MSL2101: Individual Leadership Studies

Co-requisite: MSL 2101L This course explores the dimensions of creative and innovative tactical leadership strategies and styles by examining team dynamics and two historical leadership theories that form the basis of the Army Leadership Requirements Model (trait and behavior theories). Cadets practice aspects of personal motivation and team building in the context of planning, executing, and assessing team exercises and participating in leadership labs. Focus is on continued development of the knowledge of leadership values and attributes through an understanding of Army rank, structure, and duties, and basic aspects of land navigation and squad tactics. Case studies provide tangible context for learning the Soldier?s Creed and Warrior Ethos as they apply in the Contemporary Operating Environment (COE). Students must register for and attend a two-hour, weekly leadership laboratory. Students not on scholarship who enroll in this basic course do not incur any service obligation to the US Army.