Major: Physics

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Prerequisites (30 credits)
  • CHM 2045 General Chemistry I
  • CHM 2045L General Chemistry I Lab
    Acceptable substitutes: (CHMX040 and CHMX041) or CHMX045C
  • CHM 2046 General Chemistry II
  • CHM 2046L General Chemistry II Lab
    Acceptable substitutes: CHMX046C
MAC2311 (GM) Calculus I (4 Credits)
Acceptable substitutes: MACX281
Prereq: MAC 1147
MAC2312 (GM) Calculus II (4 Credits)
Acceptable substitutes: MACX282
Prereq: MAC 2311
MAC2313 (GM) Calculus III (4 Credits)
Acceptable substitutes: MACX283
Prereq: MAC 2312
  • PHY 2048 Calculus Physics I
  • PHY 2048L Calculus Physics I Lab
  • PHY 2049 Calculus Physics II
  • PHY 2049L Calculus Physics II Lab
Major Requirements (35 credits)
Courses must be taken in prerequisite order. Electronic approval for courses requiring prerequisites must be obtained each registration. Grades of C or above must be earned in all physics requirements.
PHY1024 Intro Phys for New Majors (1 Credit)
PHY3101 Modern Physics (3 Credits)
Prereq: PHY 2049/L; Coreq: MAC 2313
PHY3101L Modern Physics Lab (1 Credit)
Coreq: PHY 3101
PHZ3113 Mathematical Physics (3 Credits)
Prereq: PHY 2049/L & MAC 2313; Coreq: MAP 2302
PHY3220 Classical Mechanics (4 Credits)
Prereqs: PHY 2049/L & MAC 2312
Coreq: MAP 2302
PHY3320 Electricity and Magnetism (4 Credits)
Prereqs: PHY 2049/L & MAC 2313
PHY3424C Optics with Laboratory (4 Credits)
  • Prereq: PHY 2049 and MAC 2313
PHY3722C Electronics for Scientists (4 Credits)
Prereqs: PHY 2049/L & MAC 2313
PHY4604 Quantum Mechanics (4 Credits)
Prereqs: PHY 3101/L, MAC 2313 & MAP 2302
PHY4523 Thermodyn and Statistical Mech (4 Credits)
Prereqs: PHY 3101, MAC 2313 & MAP 2302
PHY4802L Advanced Physics Laboratory (2 Credits)
Prereq: PHY 3101L
PHY4910 Physics Research and Seminar (1 Credit)
Prereq: PHY 3101
Major Electives (6 credits)
  • AST 3217 Astrophysics
  • AST 3402 Astrophysics II
  • PHZ 3404 Solid State Physics
  • PHZ 4160 Adv Topics Physics
  • PHZ 4303 Nuclear Physics
Contextual Courses (6 credits)
COP2220 Computer Science I (3 Credits)
MAP2302 (GM) Ordinary Differ Equations (3 Credits)
Prereq: MAC 2312
Free Electives (16 credits)
SELECT 16 HRS (3000/4000 LEVEL)
This degree requires a minimum of 120 total hours with 48 upper (3000/4000) level hours. Free electives may be courses in any discipline (provided the required prerequisites are met) and they are the hours needed to satisfy the total hour requirement. These hours may vary (consult your advisor about free elective hours needed to graduate).