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Honors Program

The Honors Program at the University of North Florida offers talented students a unique approach to higher education. Averaging only 20 students, Honors seminars apply active learning in interdisciplinary settings. The goal is to build a community of learners who have the power to take their learning outside the classroom, enabling them to take what they read in their text and apply it to the outside world. In addition, Honors students are offered special funding opportunities to enable them to learn through travel, internships, and research. The Honors Program provides students with a personalized education that is usually only available at small liberal arts colleges but at the price of a state university tuition.

What does it mean to be a UNF Honors student? It means learning to think carefully and well. It means working with professors who know your name. It means traveling to other countries and learning to understand other cultures. It means being part of a tight-knit community in which everyone is focused on becoming well-rounded individuals and exploring the world beyond lectures and textbooks. It means being supported by faculty who understand that the most meaningful education combines experiential learning and critical thinking. Our classes are heavily discussion-based, with plentiful opportunity for careful, critical thought. Many of our courses include field trips and other activities beyond the classroom so that students have the chance to see how the topic relates to the real world and to apply the skills they’ve learned.

For more information on what it means to be a UNF Honors student, visit the Honors Program website.


The Honors Program demonstrates its commitment to academic and cultural growth, civic awareness and student success by fostering a community of intellectually curious global citizens. Through the Honors Program, students are encouraged to develop rigorous and comprehensive critical thinking, their sense of integrity and a commitment to service.


The Honors Program inspires students to explore new areas beyond the experiences they’ve had. Through a vibrant, supportive community of faculty, staff and students, the program emphasizes opportunities to exercise disciplined critical thinking, make connections between disciplines, develop global awareness, participate as community citizens, and engage fully in their education. We do this through an interesting variety of small seminar classes taught by motivated faculty, individualized attention from a dedicated staff, and a vibrant student-directed social life.

For more information about these opportunities, visit the Honors Program website.