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Coggin College of Business Undergraduate Minors


Minors in the Coggin College of Business

Students wishing to obtain a minor must apply through an established procedure with their Academic Advisor. 

Minor in Business Administration

Departments or divisions outside the Coggin College of Business that wish to offer a minor in business administration may do so provided the minor meets the requirements, including the prerequisites, below. Departments wishing to offer a minor in business administration should discuss the issue with the Coggin associate dean prior to submitting formal program material.

Minor in Economics

The minor  in Economics is designed for students who want to supplement their major with a background in the field that is the backdrop for all business fields. Having a minor or major in economics reveals to an employer or a graduate school that one possesses analytical decision making training and also that you likely have a global perspective on the economy and business.

Minor in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial jobs are very different than those in existing corporations. Students must learn to manage risks and have the proper skills necessary to assess many different business situations. Only with critical thinking skills applied specifically to entrepreneurial issues in finance, marketing and management can these individuals reach the skill and knowledge levels required for success. The goal of the minor in Entrepreneurship is to provide students with an experiential approach to learning that builds these skills. The minor is distinct from the other minors in the Coggin College of Business in terms of the courses offered and the perspective from which business concepts will be approached and applied.

Minor in Finance

The minor in finance has been added to meet the needs of Accounting, International Business and other Coggin College of Business majors for additional coursework in this important area.

Minor in Geography

Spatial skills in Geography and GIS prepare students for a wide variety of occupations in government, business, planning, and education.  The importance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and in particular, Business GIS, has increased interest and demand for GIS and other geography courses in recent years.

Minor in International Business

Students in the Coggin College of Business with an interest in the increasingly important area of international business may wish to develop a schedule which includes the courses constituting the minor in international business.  With careful course scheduling, a student should be able to meet the requirements for the minor without exceeding the 60 upper-level hours required for the BBA degree.  Interested students should discuss the minor with their advisor and the director of the program.  The minor is an excellent way for a student majoring in business to pick up a support area without completing all of the courses necessary to get a second major.


Note:  All minors have requirements on the minimum number of courses taken at UNF.  A minimum grade of "C" is required for all minors in the Coggin College of Business.