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Coggin College of Business

Coggin College of Business Centers

Welcome to Coggin College Business Centers. These business & research centers play a part in our faculties research and help support the local Jacksonville community with important economic, educational and business data.

Bank of America Institute

The Bank of America Institute was created to furnish research and information regarding the integration, management, and deployment of technology to the financial services industry. The institute was made possible by a contribution from Bank of America, one of the Nation's largest financial services companies. It occupies a link between the Coggin College of Business and the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction. This link fosters interdisciplinary research by focusing faculty and student expertise from both colleges upon management and information technology issues relevant to the financial services industry.

Center for International Business Studies (CIBS)

The Center for International Business Studies (CIBS) is the research arm of the International Business Flagship Program at the Coggin College of Business. The CIBS pursues academic and research activities that enhance and enrich the International Business Program. These activities include research conferences, visiting faculty members, seminars, and other research activities that foster the interaction of our faculty members and students with their colleagues at our partner universities. The CIBS promotes research in International Business for every discipline in the Coggin College of Business as well as interaction with the Business Community of Northeast Florida.

Institute for Management, Development and Organizational Quality (IMDOQ)

The Coggin College of Business Institute for Management Development and Organizational Quality was established to provide technical expertise in the functional areas of business to organizations whose operations affect Northeast Florida. The Institute contracts to deliver direct educational programs, management consulting and facilitation services, applied organizational research, and quality process evaluation and development. The Institute brings together the various disciplines within the college and is central to the college's community outreach activities. All Institute programs are conducted by Coggin College of Business faculty members and are organization-specific in design. Whenever possible, the Institute enables both graduate and undergraduate students to gain practical experience by involving them in its activities.

Local Economic Indicator Project (LEIP)

The Local Economic Indicator Project (LEIP) collects economic and business data not only from the local Jacksonville area, but also data for the State of Florida, the United States, and the world. These data allow LEIP to analyze price changes in order to measure inflation, adjust unemployment rates for seasonality, report stock price changes, and produce an index of leading indicators.

The Paper Institute (PAPER)

The Paper And Plastics Education Research (PAPER) Institute's mission is to encourage and support the University of North Florida Coggin College of Business faculty in their research, education, and development endeavors that integrate academic pursuits relevant to the National Paper Trade Alliance (NPTA) and its membership.

Research Center in Economics and Geographic Information Systems

The Research Center in Economics and Geographical Information Systems is dedicated to providing high quality economic and geographic analysis to help businesses and government agencies in Northeast Florida improve their economic planning and forecasting. Its primary mission is to:

  • Develop and create institutional relationships with the local community
  • Foster community related research projects by providing an active link between the faculty research interests and community needs
  • Conduct economic and geography related projects that are important to the Northeast Florida region
  • Disseminate research results at the local, state and national levels

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) assists potential and existing business owners by providing the management advice, training and information they need to start, grow, and profit. The SBDC at University of North Florida serves 18 counties from offices in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Yulee, Palatka and Ocala and is part of the Florida SBDC Network and the national Association of Small Business Development Centers.