Catalog 2013-2014
College of Arts and Sciences

Department of English 

Location: Building 8, Room 2601
Phone: (904) 620-2273
Web Address:

Dr. Brian J. Striar, Chair


The Department's mission is grounded in the conviction that a knowledge of literature and language and a mastery of interpretive skills are absolutely integral to a liberal education. Based on that conviction, and consonant with the goals and mission of the University of North Florida and the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of English strives to offer instruction of the highest quality in all areas of the curriculum within its purview. The Department's goal is to make a significant and indeed life-long contribution to the intellectual growth of each of its students. Further, the Department offers students the opportunity to acquire specific professional skills and to become generally proficient in the use and analysis of language. Such training is solid preparation for virtually any profession that involves communication.

Undergraduate Program

The Department of English at the University of North Florida offers courses in American, British, and world literature, creative writing, and professional writing. The department offers the B.A. in English with the option of a track in drama. The department also offers seven minors: American Literature, British Literary Studies, Creative Writing, Drama, Film Studies, Literature, and Writing Studies. In addition, the department is responsible for supervising students who elect to major or minor in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Graduate Program 

The Department of English offers a Master of Arts (M.A.) in English in addition to a certificate in Rhetoric and Composition. Graduate students can enjoy reading from a range of British, American, and world traditions, honing their critical reading and writing skills, and enjoying the pleasures of sophisticated literary discussion. In addition, students can take courses that ground them philosophically and pedagogically in the history of rhetoric, a sure way to deepen one’s understanding of the practice of writing. Finally, students can enroll in graduate teaching practicums, gaining experience by teaching others under the tutelage of an experienced professor. The M.A. in English offers a number of routes for preparing students for a diverse number of career fields. The program entails eleven courses (33 credit hours).