College of CCEC 05

College of Computing, Engineering and Construction Academic Advising

School of Computing Advising Office: 
John E. Mathews Jr. Building (Building 15/Room 3201)

   Edwin G. Harris II, M.S., Instructor & Academic Advisor
   Elise Marshall, M.S., CCEC Lead Academic Advisor & Instructor

School of Engineering Advising Office:
Science and Engineering Building (Building 50/Room 2300)

    Eileen Pesantes-Tavares, Ph.D. P.E.,  Instructor & Academic Advisor, Civil and Electrical Engineering 
    Jennifer Stagon, M.S., Instructor & Academic Advisor, Mechanical Engineering
Construction Management Advising Office:
Science and Engineering Building (Building 50/Room 2200)

    James Sorce, MBA, Instructor & Academic Advisor 

Academic Advising in the College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction is provided by professionals in their respective fields, who are members of our teaching faculty. These individuals have the academic qualifications to teach in their academic units and have real-world work experiences in their disciplines. With this background, they are uniquely able to provide well-informed academic advice and career guidance for our students.   

Students should meet with an academic advisor concerning their program requirements as early as possible; preferably before registration for their first semester at UNF. Each student must review a degree evaluation (program of study) with his or her academic advisor in the college by the end of their first semester at UNF. Degree evaluations are prepared after the Office of Admissions has evaluated a student’s final transcripts.

Contact information for CCEC Advisors can be found at