Campus Life 10

Mission & Vision

Statement of Vision

The University of North Florida aspires to be a preeminent public institution of higher learning that will serve the North Florida region at a level of national quality. The institution of choice for a diverse and talented student body, UNF will provide distinctive programs in the arts and sciences and professional fields. UNF faculty will excel in teaching and scholarship, sharing with students their passion for discovery. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors will enjoy a campus noteworthy for its communal spirit, cultural richness, and environmental beauty.

Statement of Mission

The University of North Florida fosters the intellectual and cultural growth and civic awareness of its students, preparing them to make significant contributions to their communities in the region and beyond. At UNF, students and faculty engage together and individually in the discovery and application of knowledge. UNF faculty and staff maintain an unreserved commitment to student success within a diverse, supportive campus culture.

Fulfilling its Mission

UNF cultivates a learning environment that supports intellectual curiosity, academic achievement, and personal growth. UNF’s faculty is composed of more than 500 teachers and scholars who are focused on the education of the UNF student. As such, these faculty members help students build a foundation for life-long learning. Through their own scholarship and creative work, UNF faculty members remain engaged with the larger academic community. This scholarship informs the faculty’s teaching. Often the faculty’s research addresses local and regional concerns. Student participation in this research adds to the depth of their educational experiences.