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UNF Career Services is pleased to announce that our Osprey CareerLink webpage is powered by CSO Interfase.  This system offers a user friendly interface and great new features.  Some of the new features include the ability to access resume books and sign-up for career fair events.  We are very pleased to announce employers can post job opportunities for UNF students free of charge! 


HOW TO:  Register in Osprey CareerLink

  1. Click the Osprey CareerLink – Employers logo (in green) or go directly to employer login page:  https://www.myinterfase.com/unf/employer
  2. This will take you to the Employer Login Screen
  3. For first time registration, click “Click Here to Register” button
  4. Check to see if your company/organization already has a profile—under “Find Your Organization,” type in the name of your organization.  If your organization is in system, it will be listed in this box.  If your organization is listed, click on “Continue” button.  If organization is not listed, click on “Can’t find your organization?”
  5. This takes you to the registration page.
  6. Complete the “Employer Information” section. Be sure to complete all fields marked with a  red asterisk (*).These are required fields.  Fill in the “Contact Information” section.  Your user name is your complete email address.  Create a password that you can remember easily. When complete,click on “Register.”  
  7. Read the “UNF Regulations, Policies, and Procedures” for on-campus recruiting. All organizations recruiting at the University of North Florida are expected to abide by all policies.  
  8. Click on “Submit Profile”

HOW TO: Post a job

  1. Using the top navigation bar, use mouse and hover over “My Jobs” tab.   Click on “New Job.”
  2. Fill in “Posting Information”  Be sure to use the “Screen Options” drop down menu if you only want students who meet your requirements to apply.    
  3. Once you complete the information, click: Submit.  
  4. Your request then awaits approval by Career Services.  Once approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. 


Osprey CareerLink also provides you a number of other recruiting opportunities such as the ability to do FREE job postings online, sign-up for Events, request on-campus interviews, and more.

PLEASE NOTE: The "Organization Name" field is required so that our staff members can verify that it is a legitimate business, institution, or school. Once verification is made, your account will be activated.


Once you have completed registration, we will contact you by e-mail within 2 business days with additional information.  Employers that already have an account with Osprey CareerLink just need to log-in with their existing password information. 


We hope you find the system helpful and we look forward to helping you reach your recruiting goals!