Welcome Employers 

To The University of North Florida Career Services

UNF Career Services has decentralized and we now have career centers in each of the five colleges.   See the links below for information on each of the college career centers and their majors to find the contact information for your recruiting needs.  Note:  If you are recruiting across disciplines and will consider any or all majors, contact the College of Arts and Sciences Career Success Center. 


The University of North Florida Career Services provides a variety of career services, programs, and resources designed to help you develop a successful recruiting program for your organization. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The University of North Florida Career Services expects all employers to read, understand, and abide with our recruiting standards and policies.  The University of North Florida is committed to providing all students an environment where they can work and study in a safe and dignified learning community free from any form of discrimination or sexual misconduct.  University of North Florida Career Services reserves the right to suspend or terminate all recruiting services and programs for any organization or their representatives who behave in an unethical or unprofessional manner, uses candidate data for purposes other than for employment consideration, or uses intimidation or harassment towards any student or university staff member during the recruiting process.  

To successfully recruit our students it is important to develop a recruiting strategy, build a foundation of on-campus activities, and to maintain a strong presence on an on-going basis. We recommend participating in a variety of activities to develop a strong presence on campus.