What Can You Do With An MBA (Master of Business Administration)? 

Business is a broad and comprehensive field which develops preparation for employment in a wide range of positions in business, government, and non-profit organizations. This includes management positions in organizations of varying sizes and ranges.


Some Related Career Titles

 (To research these titles and more go to: (Occupational Outlook Handbook) 

Account Executive
Bank Manager
Benefits Manager
Branch Manager-Any Industry
Budget Officer
Commodity - Industry Analyst
Communications Officer
Compensation Manager
Computer Operations Supervisor
Credit Analyst
Credit and Collections Manager
Employment Counselor
Entertainment Agent
Financial Analyst
Foreign-Exchange Trader
Restaurant/Food Services Manger
Retail Sales Manager
Sales Manager
Securities Trader
Service Organization Manager
Wholesale Sales Representative
Government Services Administrator
Health Services/Hospital Admin.
Hotel Manager
Human Resource Manager
Industrial Relations Director
Information System Manager
Insurance Agent
International Business Manager
Job Analyst
Labor Relations Manager
Loan Officer
Management Analyst
Management Trainee
Manufacturing Supervisor
Market Information Specialist
Market Research Analyst
Media Planner
Stock Broker
Telecommunication Marketer
Telecommunications System Coordinator
Traffic Manager
Media Planner
Mortgage Loan Officer
Occupational Analyst
Operations Manager
Outside Property Agent
Payroll Officer
Personnel Manager
Personal Recruiter
Promotions Manager
Provisioning Manager
Public Utilities Manager
Purchasing Agent
Quality Control Auditor
Real Estate Agent/Broker
Recreation Manager
Reports Analyst
Training Manager
Transportation Director
Travel Agent
Voice/Data Service Operations Manger
Commodities Trader
Industrial Buyer
Assistant Conroller
Internal Auditor
Internal Auditor
FBI Agent
Managerial Accountant
CIA Agent
Financial Analyst
Claims Adjuster
General Auditor
Consumer Credit Officer
Payroll Manager
International Trade Specialist
Collection Agent
Bank Examiner
Government Accountant
Personal Financial Planner
Inventory Control Specialist
Commercial Banker
Benefits Administrator
Industrial Accountant
IRS Investigator
Plant Accoutant
Public Accountant
Budgetary Control Analyst
Securities Broker
Credit and Collection Specialist
Loan Administrator
Systems Analyst
Trust Accountant
Chief Financial Officer
Treasury Mgmt Specialist
Estate Planner


Typical Employers/Work Settings

Accounting Firms
Advertising company
Aviation company
Automotive Company
Finance firms
Medical Agencies
Information Technology
Government Agencies

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 Beginning Salary Range: 

For updated salary information exclusive to the State of Florida go to: http://www.FLChoices.org
Note: starting salaries directly correlate with level of each student's GPA, Internship Experience and professionalism.

No specific salary information could be obtained for this major due to the wide range of careers within this field.

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Link to UNF Academic program 

The Coggin College of Business, at the University of North Florida offers a Master of Business Administration.
They also offer a Weekend Master of Business Administration and the Global MBA.


Links to Professional Associations 


National Association for Business Economics 
Latin Business Association 
National Business Association 


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Career Information 


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Graduate School Information 

University of North Florida
University of Central Frorida


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