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International Educational Resources Teach abroad in Asia, Europe, and Latin America
CNET- China Needs English Teachers-
AEON Inter-Cultural USA. For people interested in teaching in Japan.
America's Career Info Net International Jobs
4 International Careers and Jobs
Department of Defense Dependent Schools
Idealist (jobs database from a wide variety of non-profits)
European Council of International Schools
Employer Preferred TEFL Courses for TEaching English Abroad
International Career Employment Center
International Schools Services
O-Hayo Sensei (teaching jobs in Japan)
Search Associates
The International Educator (TIE)
The International Educator A listing of hundreds of teaching  and administrative vacancies in ads placed by over 200 overseas, American and international schools 
around the world.  Also provides information on salaries, benefits, and  how to secure an overseas position. Provides information on each of teh embassies in Washington, D.C., with links to related resources
iStudentCity.Com - Immigration Center. Information for international students on work permits and related issues
The Idealist (formerly Action Without Borders, database covering a wide variety of non-profits)
The Institute for International Education
International Baccalaureate Organization  Non-profit organization that provides curriculum and assessment development, teacher training and information seminars, electronic networking and other educational services to its 800 participating schools in nearly 100 countries.
International Service Agencies  . Non-profit organization representing 53 humanitarian       relief  and development charities in workplace giving campaigns.
University of Northern Iowa Overseas Placement Service for Educators. "The birthplace of international recruitment fairs", held generally every February  easy way for teachers and new grads to find teaching jobs abroad
Overseas Digest- links to teaching abroad  resources

 According to Peters-Behrens, (2001) the skills most sought after by global employers include:

  • Domain skills. These are skills that are either acquired from experience or through some form of formal education (e.g., trade schools, universities, etc.). Clearly, in addition to specific domain training (e.g., accounting, logistics, marketing, statistics, etc) skills like critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, communications ability, and social skills are all highly prized.
  • Cross-cultural competence: Speaking the language of the host country, understanding customs, and the ways of foreign culture are important. The United States is geographically and linguistically isolated and this requires people interested in working in other cultures to do more preparation.
  • Work experience: Employers in foreign cultures are oftentimes looking for applicants who have been successful in domain skills. Do you have a track record of success in doing what you do?

Like any job search it is always smart to do research on what you are interested in. Talk to people who work in import /export businesses, talk to people in corporations that are involved in international aspects of their companies business. There are no better information sources than those that do the job. Clearly, resumes and interviewing skills should be in place before you attempt to begin this search.


Typically, overseas work falls into one of three categories: 1) A U.S. company is paying you to work abroad with expatriate benefits. 2) Working for a foreign national firm and being paid in the currency of that country and 3) Self-employed freelance operator. In this capacity you are a vendor of some service or ability in a foreign country.


Be aware of the restrictions and limitations that may be placed on non-residences. What kind of visa, work permit, etc. do you need? Finding a job outside the U.S. is similar to finding one in the U.S. One must locate the organizations that can hire and do some research. What are those companies looking for and do you have the kind of skills they want?


The U.S. Foreign Service presents an opportunity for overseas employment. The Foreign Service is the diplomatic corps for the United States and is located in the State Department. The recruitment page is at

The UNF Career Services library located in building 2 room 2039 houses various sources of information on international jobs. Just to list a few of the sources:

International Business Careers, by Arpan 1996
Work Abroad, by Hubbs 2001


The following web sites may be of value to you in your overseas job search.

Dave's ESL Cafe - This cite has a large amount of data on teaching abroad
International Job Finder - British based site offering vacancies
Monster Global Gateway - Overseas job postings
Planet Edu - Worldwide international job directory

Web sites for internships and scholarships abroad

Institute of International Education - Fulbright Scholarships
- Fulbright scholarships, official exchange programs for study abroad.
Institute of International Education - Institute of International Education. Financial resources for international study.

Links to International Schools

Overseas School Listing