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An international career can be the opportunity of a lifetime, but not everyone has the skills and attributes necessary to be successful at it. Some questions to ask yourself include:

        -Do I enjoy experiencing new things? 
        -Am I able to adapt to different cultures? 
        -Do I know a foreign language? 
        -Would others say that I know how to persevere? 
        -Am I an independent person? 
        -Do I have a degree and/or practical skills in my field?


If you answered yes to those questions, an international career might be just what you’re looking for. After deciding to pursue an international career, there are several ways that you can prepare yourself to be the best possible candidate.

  • Gain experience in your field. Practical experience will be extremely beneficial
  • Beyond earning a degree, take additional courses in a foreign language and/or foreign culture. Consider a double major or minor.
  • Research your field and stay up-to-date on trends. 
  • Research the country where you hope to obtain a position. Learn as much as you possibly can, including the customs, language, food choice, currency, housing and job market.
  • Get a resume critique and practice your interviewing skills. (What will work best might be determined by the country you choose to work in.)

There are several fields where an individual might choose to work abroad. Depending on your area of interest, please visit the links above to find out more about each specific field. 

I-to-i: Volunteer Opportunities in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Latin America. TEFL/TESOL Courses and Teaching English Abroad support packages. .

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CRCC Asia-  Internships and language programs in China easy way for teachers and new grads to find teaching jobs abroad

Jobs In Canada-- "Career Jet"-- an employment search engine for Canada. Gives the job seeker access to a massive selection of job from various sources


IES Abroad- IES Abroad offers more than 100 Study Abroad programs worldwide for college students.


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