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Having identified your skills, interests, values, and personality characteristics, you can now gather and process information about academic majors and career options.  This page provides links to information about academic majors and careers.


aaa-unf major in 

What Can I Do With A UNF Major In.....?
Description of each UNF major.  Includes typical job titles, typical employers, salary information, academic program information and much more. 

 UNF Catalog  

UNF Course Catalog- See what courses are available for each major

Programs of Study
Course Descriptions
Developed by the University of Tennessee Career Center, this resource matches academic majors to careers including strategies for how to pursue that career


What careers look interesting and how can you obtain information about them to see if it is a good fit for you? Below are typical questions you may be asking yourself

  • There are so many careers that look interesting, where do I begin?  
  • Have I ever heard of this career before? 
  • I have heard of this career but how will I know if I will like it?

To effectively and systematically gather information and data about your career options, it is recommended that you start out by utilizing general information working your way up to very specific information. This information can be obtained via books, websites, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. Take a look at the following videos on over 500 careers!

Career Videos

Careers: Agriculture Food and Natural Resources
Careers: Architecture and Construction
Careers: Arts, Audio-Visual Technology and Communication
Careers: Business Management and Administration
Careers: Education and Training
Careers: Finance
Careers: Government and Public Administration
Careers: Health Science
Careers: Hospitality and Tourism
Careers: Human Services
Careers: Law, Public Safety and Security
Careers: Manufacturing
Careers: Marketing, Sales and Service
Careers: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Careers: Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

 Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.  Includes resources for self-assessment, career exploration, training, industry information, salary information and job search.


Vault icon-141
Vault is an educational tool that provides you unlimited, online access to comprehensive career information and management tools. It includes access to:
Industry and Professions: Build the foundation for your career search by researching a broad range of disciplines with quick, easy-to-read profiles of different industries and occupations.
Company Profiles: Research thousands of company reports and access relevant information about potential employers. Vault surveys thousands of employees each year about their company culture, salaries, interviewing process, and much more. This information provides you with a competitive advantage over others.
Career e-books: Download full-text career guides on everything from “Interviewing” and “Structuring Your Resume,” to in-depth overviews of industries, employers, and even general career topics
Articles, Blogs, & News: Stay current on trends, score advice, and comment on a wide variety of career topics

U.S. Department of Labor.  Search career clusters, career families.  Match to skills.  Match to Holland Codes. 

job shadow

Informational interviews with professionals from a wide range of careers.  Find out typical day, likes and dislikes, typical salaries, how they got started, and much more.

aaa-occupation handbook
Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Searchable database of careers and occupations developed by US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Florida Shines-141
Career Development and Career Exploration Program for the State of Florida. 

aaa-occupation database
Occupation Database.   Match your Holland Codes to Careers. 

aaa-information interview icon
Informational Interviews.   How to set up and conduct interviews for information with career professionals. 

aaa-how to become
Detailed information on over 500 careers. 

aaa-holland codes
Description of each UNF Major listed by Holland Code. 

aaa-art career project
In-depth career profiles for the field of art. 

aaa-salary dollars icon
Salary Information.   Includes salary calculators, state salary data and national salary data. 

Find information about how to become hundreds of careers including education requirements, job descriptions, salary info, and future career paths.

Career Search Database
 Has wide range of career exploration and job search resources

Career Friend 
Offers students a quick snapshot of their Facebook friends' careers.  From that snapshot students can contact specific friends directly through Facebook to learn more about their careers and companies.

Provides career and salary information. Features "Top Cities" providing information about places to live and work.

Inside Career Info.com 
Searchable collection of hundreds of candid career reports written by "insiders," successful professionals who are actually doing the job.

Inside Jobs.com 
Offers information on what jobs are out there, dependingon “what you like to do?”, and “what are you good at?”

Career Bliss.com 
Career Bliss has over thousands of job postings, it also offer company reviews and rating, salary  info and jobs.

This website offers a wide range of career development and exploration resources