Career Roadmap:  Stay On Track For Career Success!

1st Year - FRESHMAN

Explore Self, Majors & Careers

Your first year at UNF will be filled with excitement, anticipation and a vast amount of new information and experiences. While acclimating to college life, focus on the following:


• Meet with a Career Counselor and start the career planning process.

• Take intro or elective courses to explore potential majors.

• Visit the Career Library and the Career Services’ website to began researching careers.

• Start developing relationships with professors;   meeting with them during office hours.

• Attend Career Services Events (e.g. UNF Majors and Minor Fair, Job Fairs, Pre-Law Day).

• Register in Career Wings (update each  semester).

• Review your first year.  What sparked an  interest?  What did you learn about yourself regarding majors 

   and careers? 


2nd Year – SOPHOMORE  

Confirm Major & Complete Prerequisites

As you start your second year, you typically have a better understanding of your academic abilities; but you may have discovered that your interests have changed or that you need more information.  While you continue with activities from the first year, here are some additional things to focus on:

• Talk with professionals in your career field(s)   of interest.

• Join student clubs/organizations related to your major to network and grow in your field. 

• Try out your career interests through part-time jobs or volunteering.

• Start researching possible internships and cooperative education positions. 

• Explore study abroad options as an experience for building life and workplace skills.

3rd Year  - JUNIOR 

Develop Employability Skills And Gain Relevant Work Experience 

By this point, you should be in the “Career Implementation” phase of the career planning process, which  includes making sure you are on track academically while gaining work experience related to your major and career interests.

• Meet with your Career Services “College Liaison” to develop your career action plan.

• Secure an internship or cooperative education position.

• Take required tests (i.e. GRE, LSAT, MCAT) for graduate or professional schools.

• Participate in the S.T. A. R. Program for  workshops on Job Search, Resume Writing, 


• Develop a targeted resume and reference list. 

• Network with professionals in your fields of interest and establish contacts for future job


• Join student organizations that build communication and human relations skills (i.e. Toastmasters).


4th Year - SENIOR

Commence the Job Search Process

Now, you can apply all of the career development activities you engaged in the first three years to your job search plan and get the job you want. 

• Meet with your Career Services “College Liaison” to develop your job search plan. 

• Participate in the S.T. A. R. Program for services and workshops on Job Search, Resume Writing, and Interviewing.

• Review and update your resume to ensure it targets your career interests.

• Seek job openings related to your career interests.

• Research companies with job opportunitiesrelated to your career interests.

• Update your profile in Career Wings to fully maximize recruiting programs and services. 

• Attend additional Career Services events, workshops and employer-sponsored sessions.

• Complete appropriate steps for graduate or professional school.  Remember, the application process for some schools could take up to a year.

• Obtain a copy of The Edge, a manual providing tips, information and resources for transitioning smoothly from college into your chosen career.