Career Planning-Sophomores

Confirm Major & Complete Prerequisites


As you start your second year, you typically have a better understanding of your academic abilities; but you may have discovered that your interests have changed or that you need more information. While you continue with activities from the first year, here are some additional things to focus on:

• Register for "EDG 2000 Career Planning and Professional Success" and earn 3 elective credit hours while planning your career and preparing for the world of work. 


• Research potential careers that match your academic major choice on the "What Can You Do With A UNF Major In...?" websites. 


• Utilize the Career Services Career Library to read about potential occupations and careers


• Talk with professionals in your career field(s) of interest.   Informational interviews are great ways to learn about potential careers. 


• Join student clubs/organizations related to your major to network and grow in your field.


• Try out your career interests through part-time jobs or volunteering.


• Start researching possible internships and cooperative education positions. 


• Explore study abroad options as an experience for building life and workplace skills.



• Attend Job Fairs and begin building your professional career network



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