Career Planning-Seniors 

Commence the Job Search Process


Now, you can apply all of the career development activities you engaged in the first three years to your job search plan and get the job you want.

• Register for "EDG Employability Skills and Career Success" and earn 3 elective credit hours while learning how to plan, organize, and implement a comprehensive job search. 


• Meet with your Career Services “College Liaison” to develop your job search plan.


• Attend additional Career Services events, workshops and employer-sponsored sessions.


• Participate in the S.T. A. R. Program for services and workshops on Job Search, Resume Writing, and Interviewing. 


• Review and update your resume to ensure it targets your career interests.


•Prepare for job interviews.


•Develop your job interview skills through practice interviews (InterviewStream)


• Update your profile in Career Wings to fully maximize recruiting programs and services. 


• Seek job openings related to your career interests.


Research companies with job opportunities related to your career interests and attend job fairs to meet with employer representatives  


•Build your professional and career network of contacts.


•Utilize social media to expand your network


• Complete appropriate steps for graduate or professional school. Remember, the application process for some schools could take up to a year.


• Obtain a copy of The Job Search Guide, providing tips, information and resources for transitioning smoothly from college into your chosen career.