Career Planning-Juniors

Develop Employability Skills And Gain Relevant Work Experience

By this point, you should be in the “Career Implementation” phase of the career planning process, which includes making sure you are on track academically while gaining work experience related to your major and career interests.


• Register for "EDG 3991 Employability Skills and Career Success" and earn 3 elective credit hours while learning how to plan, organize, and implement a comprehensive job search. 


• Meet with your Career Services “College Liaison” to develop your career action plan.


• Secure an internship or cooperative education position to get experience, develop skills, and build your resume.


• Participate in the S.T. A. R. Program for workshops on Job Search, Resume Writing,



• Develop a targeted resume that outlines your qualifications and skills for potential employers. 


• Develop your job interview skills through preparation and practice interviews (InterviewStream)


• Begin developing your network of career related references for your job search or graduate school applications. 


Network with professionals in your fields of interest and establish contacts for future job



• Join student organizations that build communication and human relations skills (i.e. Toastmasters).


• Participate in on-campus recruiting activities to meet with potential employers


• Attend Job Fairs and meet with employer representatives to discuss career and job opportunities



• Take required tests (i.e. GRE, LSAT, MCAT) for graduate or professional schools.