Capital Project Service Request

The Capital Project Service Request form, or CPSR, is for internal use only by campus employees.  The form is required to request any modifications to a building's interior, or space, whether moving a door, tearing down or erecting a wall.  The form is also required to modify the utilization of a space such as additional electrical outlets, a fume hood for a laboratory, or any infrastructure modifications.


Carefully read the instructions of the CPSR and provide all the necessary information.  All users are to identify funding source and amount available for the project.  The form should be approved by the appropriate Vice-President or Dean.  A minimum of two signatures is required to enable the form to move through the system for review by Campus Planning, Physical Facilities and Environmental Health and Safety before further action can be taken.



CPSR online form



Contact Campus Planning, Mary Mory at 904-620-2269 or 

Submitted CPSRs can be accessed through:  http://forms/anf/dept/finsys/

  • You may be asked to enter your user name (N-number) and password
  • Select “CPSR Requests” from the left-side menu
  • Select “+CPSR Status: Pending” or “+CPSR Status: Approved” to check the status