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Front of the J Brooks Brown Hall building

Brooks College of Health Students

We know there's no one quite like you. We believe there's no place quite like this. While academic rigor and meticulous professional experiences are the hallmarks of an education at the Brooks College, there is very much a culture of caring, as well.

A spectrum of programs and career paths

Although the School of Nursing is perhaps the best known, the Brooks College of Health offers a full complement of degree programs and specialized certifications in community and public health, mental health counseling, nutrition, health administration, physical therapy and athletic training. An integral part of each of these outstanding programs is the emphasis on quality time in clinical settings, laboratories, the use of the most up-to-date technologies, innovative faculty and student research, and the opportunity for hands-on-learning experiences and internships.

Impressive students

Admission into the Brooks College of Health is arduous. It is not unusual for many applicants to vie for a limited number of seats. The undergraduate students accepted have already demonstrated talent and drive as evidenced by very high SAT scores and grade point averages in high school and college. Students in the graduate level programs are accomplished professionals who compel themselves to stay current with a constantly changing world and contribute to its betterment.

Although the demand for more and more caregivers and health professionals might tempt the Brooks College to lower its standards, the rigor in the classroom and in clinical settings continues to increase. Our faculty will do our best to make you successful here in school and out in the community as you serve others.