Physical Therapy Clinical Education

The Physical Therapy program at the University of North Florida is dedicated to  preparing students for entry-level clinical practice through activities and courses  that stimulate critical inquiry. The program is committed to life-long learning and seeks to provide opportunities for ongoing professional development for students in the program, as well as for professionals in the field.


The links below offer information on clinical education in general and the specifics of the UNF Physical Therapy program in particular.


Clinical Education Manual      


Helpful Websites

Florida Consortium of Clinical Educators
Dedicated to support quality of clinical education for PT and PTA students. This website offers a variety of references, resources and information on events for clinical educators.

American Physical Therapy Association
Dedicated to the latest advancements in physical therapy practice, research, and education. This website also offers numerous resources and access to the Physical Therapy journal. 

Florida Physical Therapy Association
Contains information on licensure exam, employment opportunities, and governmental affairs among others.


Clinical Education Documents



DPT Curriculum  Current Course Sequence
Syllabi for Clinical Internships

Clinical Practicum  

Clinical Internship 2A 

Clinical Internship 2B 

Clinical Internship 3A

Clinical Internship 3B

Clinical Education Requirements Form   
Tuition Voucher Guidelines Guideline Document
Professional Behaviors 

Professional Behaviors Document

Clinical Site Information Forms

CSIF Instructions