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Graduate Courses

Clinical & Applied Movement Sc

Course IDCourse Title
APK5332 Pharmacology for Chronic Diseases
APK6056 Special Topics in Physical Activity Epidemiology
APK6057 Research Methods in Physical Activity
APK6107C Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology and ECG
APK6111C Medical Exercise Physiology
APK6116C Exercise Physiology and Laboratory Techniques
APK6127C Human Physiological Assessment
APK6135 Periodization
APK6176 Advanced Concepts in Strength Training
APK6327 Seminar in Exercise Science and Chronic Disease
APK6336 Physical Activity Epidemiology and Evidence Review
APK6900 Independent Study in Exercise Science and Chronic Disease
APK6942 Internship or Project in Exercise Science and Chronic Disease
APK6972 Thesis in Exercise Science and Chronic Disease
ATR5105C Foundations in Athletic Training
ATR5119C Emergency Management of Athletic Trauma
ATR5126C Gross Anatomy for Athletic Trainers
ATR5217C Orthopedic Assessment and Diagnosis I
ATR5218C Orthopedic Assessment and Diagnosis II
ATR5306C Therapeutic Interventions I
ATR5307C Therapeutic Interventions II
ATR5406C Clinical Medicine
ATR5815C Clinical Integration I
ATR5825C Clinical Integration II
ATR6308C Therapeutic Interventions III
ATR6505C Seminar in Athletic Training
ATR6617 Research Methods
ATR6618 Applied Research
ATR6835C Clinical Integration III
ATR6845C Clinical Integration IV
ATR6907 Independent Study in Athletic Training
ATR6945L Clinical-Decision Making I
ATR6946L Clinical-Decision Making II
ATR6949C Clinical Integration Experience
HLP5001 Health Fitness Management
PHT5005 Foundations of Professional Practice and Clinical Education
PHT5257C Clinical Skills
PHT5806 Clinical Practicum
PHT6070 Imaging in Rehabilitation
PHT6110C Gross Anatomy for Physical Therapists
PHT6126C Kinesiology
PHT6153C Human Physiology
PHT6161C Clinical Neuroanatomy and Physiology
PHT6191C Motor Control
PHT6218C Therapeutic Modalities
PHT6267C Examination and Intervention
PHT6306 Pathology-Pharmacology
PHT6314C Neurology I: Pathology, Examination and Intervention
PHT6318C Orthopedic Physical Therapy I: Extremities
PHT6553C Physical Therapy Resid: Applied Principles Clini Practice I
PHT6554C Physical Therapy Resid: Applied Principles Clinical Pract II
PHT6606C Clinical Inquiry I
PHT6607C Clinical Inquiry II
PHT6734 Physical Therapy Management of the Integument
PHT6940C Advanced Clinical Residency
PHT6941C DPT 2A Clinical
PHT6942C DPT 2B Clinical
PHT7009C Differential Diagnosis
PHT7183C Orthopedic Physical Therapy II: Spine and Occupational Health
PHT7315C Neurology II: Advanced Examination and Intervention
PHT7328C Lifespan: Pediatrics
PHT7374C Lifespan Geriatrics
PHT7385C Exercise Physiology/Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy
PHT7551 Leadership in Physical Therapy
PHT7741C Spinal Cord Injuries and Prosthetics
PHT7773C Ortho PT Residency: Advanced Management-Spine
PHT7774C Ortho PT Residency: Advanced Management-Lower Extremity
PHT7775C Ortho PT Residency: Advanced Management-Upper Extremity
PHT7777  Constructivism in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy
PHT7845 Assistive Technology for Accessibility
PHT7880C Advanced Clinical Integration
PHT7930 Special Topics in Physical Therapy
PHT7936 Advanced Seminar
PHT7943C DPT 3A Clinical
PHT7944C DPT 3B Clinical