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Athletic Training

Sequence of Courses

Junior Year
Season Course Number Name Credits
Fall ATR 2000C Intro Sports Medicine 3
Fall ATR 3102 Intro to Athletic Injuries 3
Fall PET 3312C Biomechanics 3
Fall HSC 4612 Exercise Physiology for Hlth Sci 3
Fall ATR 3812 Athl Training Clinical Instr I 3
Fall ATR 3104C Orthopedic Taping and Bracing 3
Spring ATR 4302C Therapeutic Modalities 3
Spring ATR 4212C Orthopedic & Injury Assessment I 3
Spring HUN 4414 Nutr Phys Activity & Health 3
Spring ATR 3122 Gross Anatomy for Athletic Trainers 3
Spring ATR 3822 Athl Training Clinical Instr II 3
Summer ATR 3112C Emer Mgmt of Athletic Trauma 3
Senior Year
Season Course Number Name Credits
Fall ATR 4213C Orthopedic & Injury Assessment II 3
Fall ATR 3512 Athletic Training Admin 3
Fall ATR 4312C Therapeutic Exercise 3
Fall ATR 4832 Clinical Prac in Athl Training I 3
Spring ATR 4314 Rehab of Athletic Injuries 3
Spring ATR 4933 Seminar in Athletic Training 3
Spring ATR 4842C Clinical Prac in Athl Training II 3
Spring ATR 4610 Research Sports Medicine 3

Completion of Core Classes

Total Semester Hours=60