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Bachelor of Science in Health, Exercise Science 

Admission Requirements

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Limited Access Admission

Admission Requirements

The Exercise Science program is a limited access admission program that only admits to begin fall semester. The Exercise Science program will be accepting applications on a "rolling admission" basis for Fall 2014. Exercise Science will admit 60 students and start to review early applications beginning February 1st. In addition to meeting the university admission criteria, applicants must be junior status (earned a minimum of 60 semester hours) prior to enrolling in Exercise Science courses and meet the following requirements below.


Students who meet the following criteria will be considered for early admission:

Submission of UNF application, all official transcripts, and documentation.

b. Attainment of minimum of 2.75 Overall GPA.

Attainment of minimum of a B grade or higher in at least 3 of the following 4 prerequisite courses:
(BSCX085/BSCX085L -Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab; BSCX086/BSCX086L- Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab; CHMX045/CHMX045L-College Chemistry and Lab; MACX105- College Algebra).


**Please note: CHM1032c does not fulfill the Chemistry requirement. 

d. Remaining four prerequisites (PSY2012 - Intro to Psychology, HUN2201 - Human Nutrition, SPC2608 - Fundamentals of Speech, STA2014 - Elementary Statistics) require a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
e. Three of the four prerequisites requiring a B grade or higher must be completed by the application deadline. Seven of the eight prerequisites must be completed by application deadline. Remaining prerequisite must be completed no later than summer term, prior to fall admission.
f. Completion of all general education and prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in the Exercise Science courses.

Submission of Exercise Science Admission Essay. The essay should be 1.5 spaced with Times New Roman 12 point font. Standard 1 inch margins and approximately 300-500 words. Submit to by deadline. Address the following areas:

  1. Why have you chosen UNF's Exercise Science Program? 
  2.    How has exercise science had an impact on your life?
  3.    What are your short and long term academic goals?
  4.    What are your career goals?
  5.    How will a degree in Exercise Science help facilitate those goals?

Retaking prerequisite courses multiple times will negatively impact the admission decision. 


The Exercise Science Program will continue to allow students to apply and be considered for admission until the May 1st deadline. Prospective students with completed prerequisite courses will be considered for the Fall class on a first come, first served basis.


Spring Grade Report

Fall applicants taking spring courses outside of UNF must supply spring grades by May 1st.  For those whose schools will not have grades posted by the May 1st deadline, the following form must be submitted for each spring course taken. 


This form is only necessary for Exercise Science applicants taking non-UNF courses in the spring term of the same year that admission is sought for the program. The applicant should fill in all information except for the grade and missing assignments; that information should be filled in by the course instructor. Forms should be supplied to the Brooks College of Health Advising office for Exercise Science via email or fax only. Do not mail this form to the advising office or any other office on campus; do not bring the form in person. The appropriate email to which to send a .pdf copy of this completed form is The proper fax is 904.620.1770; all faxes should include a coversheet.




 How to Apply

    1. Make application to UNF using one of the appropriate university forms linked below:

      a. Online Version (recommended)
      b. Change of Major completed with UNF Academic Advisor for currently enrolled UNF students
    2. Pay $30 UNF application fee (new and returning applicants only). This may be done online, by mail, or in person. Check with the One-Stop Student Services at (904) 620-5555 regarding acceptable payment methods and policies regarding who must pay the fee.
    3. Submit transcripts from all institutions awarding credit or enrolled at during your academic career (even if you withdrew and received no credit). NOTE: This includes dual enrollment, transient enrollment, foreign studies, AP, CLEP, IB, DANTES, military, etc. For all courses taken outside of the United States, please submit official copies of course-by-course foreign college evaluations from approved agencies such as Josef Silny & Associates or World Education Services (the acceptability of evaluations from other organizations may be checked with the One-Stop Student Services). 

      Transcripts are all due to the One-Stop Student Services by the deadline. Late materials will not be accepted or considered. Confirmation of these items should be handled online through your myWings account or with the One-Stop Student Services at (904) 620-5555. 
    4. Applicants taking spring courses outside of UNF must supply spring grades by May 1st.  For those whose schools will not have spring grades posted by the deadline, Spring grade report (see Admission Requirements) must be submitted for each spring course taken.  Official transcript should follow as soon as the grades post. 

    5. Submit Exercise Science Admission Essay by May 1st deadline to


Specific prerequisites can be found on the program of study page. Retaking prerequisite courses multiple times will negatively impact the admission decision.


Remaining prerequisite courses taken in summer semester must be completed no later than the second week of August, prior to starting the Exercise Science course work at UNF in fall admission.

Transcripts for remaining prerequisites are due by mandatory program orientation on Friday before fall semseter starts.



Decision Timeline


Admission decisions: By the end of May - decision letters to all applicants will be sent by mail no later than early June


Completion of the remaining Exercise Science program prerequisite in summer semester: By the second week of August             


Mandatory Orientation: Friday before Fall semester starts