Quality Collab

The Quality Collaborative of Northeast Florida unites dedicated medical and healthcare professionals from diverse institutions and organizations, with the common goal of providing the highest quality medical healthcare to the patients and families of Northeast Florida. The Collaborative is a prime indicator of northeast Florida’s growing commitment to enhance our region of medical excellence. The Center for Global Health and Medical Diplomacy (the Center) joins in that commitment, to help fulfill its mission of promoting global understanding and partnerships to improve health and medical care. The Quality Collaborative is a direct result of the hard work of a core of dedicated members in the  “Quality Workgroup of the Healthcare and Bioscience Council of Northeast Florida” (the Quality Workgroup). 

Mission Statement

Regional leadership, community commitment and the dedication of resources are essential to reducing medical errors and promoting patient safety. The Quality Collaborative of Northeast Florida will provide regional guidance, serving the broad needs of the healthcare community, connecting existing systems and structures of care to generate the best possible outcomes for our diverse communities of patients and family members.


The Quality and Safety Forum was May 30, 2013. View the powerpoints of the presentors here! 



 Patient Safety Symposium

Naval Hospital Jacksonville

March 1, 2012


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Patient Safety Symposium - Dr. CobleNational and regional healthcare leaders share evidence-based best practices to enhance communication, teamwork and leadership to advance positive patient outcomes at Naval Hospital (NH) Jacksonville Patient Safety Symposium on March 1 held at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. Participating were Virginia Mason Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Gary Kaplan; Distinguished Professor, Director, Center for Global Health and Medical Diplomacy at University of North Florida Yank Coble; Naval Hospital (NH) Jacksonville Director for Medical Services Cmdr. Gabriel Lee; Baptist Health Patient Safety Officer Cory Meyers; andBaptist Medical Health Chief Medical Officer Keith Stein.  Dr. Coble (left) and NH Jacksonville Commanding Officer Capt. Lynn Welling wrap-up the symposium.  Coble encourages the 200 clinicians and healthcare leaders in attendance—from both the Navy and private sectors—to continue to provide the world’s best healthcare based on caring, ethics and science.  Welling concludes, “We’ve met the solution, and he is us.”  (Photo by MC2 Gary Granger)


 Patient Safety SymposiumAt Naval Hospital (NH) Jacksonville Patient Safety Symposium on March 1, leaders from Baptist Health, Mayo Clinic in Florida and NH Jacksonville discuss how elimination of waste contributes to patient safety during a process improvement panel.  Cmdr. Gabriel Lee (NH Jacksonville director of medical services), Cory Meyers (Baptist Health patient safety officer), Keith Stein (Baptist Health chief medical officer), William Rupp (Mayo Clinic in Florida chief executive officer) and Capt. Lynn Welling (NH Jacksonville commanding officer) engage with an audience of over 200 health care professionals in a discussion moderated by Gary Kaplan, chairman and chief executive officer of Virginia Mason Medical Center (right).  (Photo by MC2 Gary Granger)