Global Health

Disease knows no borders.  Health knows no borders. Pandemics don't discriminate.


We are all vulnerable.  Compassion knows no borders.


The Center for Global Health and Medical Diplomacy (the Center) at the University of North Florida was founded in February 2007, with the mission of promoting global understanding and collaborative action for improving health and medical care.    Center objectives include:

  • Promoting excellence and balance in the caring, ethics and science of health and medicine
  • Promoting the human, economic and diplomatic value of health and medical care
  • Promoting optimal health and medical education
  • Supporting leadership development in the health and medical professions
  • Integrating broad local, state, national and global participation in advisory committees, forums, publications, research, education and demonstration activities  

The 2013 WMA - INSEAD Leadership Communication and Medical Advocacy Programme was held 14 - 18 January, in Singapore.



International Efforts

The Center for Global Health and Medical Diplomacy  supports, participates in and collaborates with healthcare and medical care organizations around the globe, including the World  Medical Association, the World  Health Organization, the American  Medical Association, the US Dept. of  Health and Human Services, the American  Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and the Institute of Medicine.   Center Director, Dr. Yank Coble travels  internationally to speak on the Center’s work in global health.


Much of our work in has focused on the World Medical Association/Caring Physicians of the World Initiative (WMA/CPW), which works to improve the effectiveness of medical professionals around the world.  The Center collaborated with the WMA, the international business school, INSEAD and Pfizer, Inc. to create a Physicians’ Leadership Course designed to enhance the skills and knowledge needed to advocate for healthcare reform and  improved patient care. The six-day  intensive curriculum focuses on proficiency in decision–making, participation in public debate and preparation to serve as spokespersons on key healthcare policy issues. The first Physicians’ Leadership Course was held in December 2007, at INSEAD in Fontainebleau,  France. Thirty-two physicians from 22 countries participated in the course. As a result of the positive feedback from the inaugural course, a commitment has been made to sponsor an annual program.


The Center for Global Health and Medical Diplomacy is pleased to have Dr. Otmar Kloiber, Secretary General of the WMA, serve as its International Fellow and Advisor.  Dr. Kloiber joined the Center in preparing for the 2007 Caring Community Conference at Amelia Island, Florida, and presented an inspiring lecture on global trends and challenges in healthcare human resources.

Together with the WMA and the support of the Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative, the Center co-sponsored and directed the Caring Physicians of the World Medical Leadership Program, with the cooperation of the European Union Business School INSEAD, in Fontainebleau, France.  





National Efforts

The Center convenes public- and private-sector experts to collaboratively address global health issues. Center-sponsored conferences, committees and public forums provide an opportunity for leading experts (regional, national and  international) to discuss issues and share knowledge in an open environment  that facilitates evidence-based dialogue.  The Center Director, Dr. Yank Coble, actively participates in and holds leadership roles in many national medical associations and health organizations including the American Medical Association, the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, the American Association of Clinical  Endocrinologists, and the Institute of  Medicine. Presently, Dr.  Coble serves on the boards of Research!America; the Institute  of Medicine Roundtable on Environmental Health Sciences, Research and Medicine;  the Campaign  for Public Health; and the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Dr. Coble travels nationally to speak on the  Center’s work in global health.


Regional Efforts in Northeast Florida

The Center serves as a focal point for global health activities within the University of North Florida and the  broader community. Educational events, public forums, seminars and  conferences help to increase the visibility and awareness of local, national  and global health issues. The Center Director actively participates in and holds leadership roles  in regional medical associations and health organizations including the Duval  County Medical Society and the Florida Medical Association.


The Center planned and convened the Caring Community Conferences, where northeast Florida community leaders meet to collaborate on long-range plans to enhance the health care and biomedical economy of Jacksonville and northeast Florida.  At each conference, healthcare and bioscience stakeholders discussed issues, assets and opportunities relating to the individual health, public health and economic health of northeast Florida. 


Following the 2007 Conference, the  Center facilitated the formation of the Healthcare and Bioscience Council of  Northeast Florida (the Council).  Council  members were announced in April 2008. Center Directory, Dr. Yank Coble currently serves as Chair of the Council, and Center staff provides administrative support for the Council. The Council’s mission is to improve the individual and economic health of Northeast Florida by putting into action the Final Recommendations from the 2007 Caring Community Conference.  The Council presented its first status report at the 2008 Caring Community Conference. 


Center participation and sponsorship of Global Health Events:

The Caring Community Conferences

Face to Face Interview Dr. Yank Coble

The Global Medicine and Public Health Initiative, May 20, 2008

Institute of Medicine of the National Academies Roundtable on Environmental Health, Sciences, Research and Medicine


Quality /Safety Forum, April 28, 2009