4th Patient Centered Caring Communication 

5 Day Faculty Training Course


The 4th Patient Centered Caring Communication (PCCC) Faculty Training Course took place November and December of 2013. This course trains faculty to teach a 4-hour Patient Centered Caring Communication Course (PCCCC) to medical and health professionals in their regional institutions.


Below you will find information on the most recent course, materials provided during training, and a photo gallery.





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2013 PCCC Course Materials  


2013 PCCC Course Introductory Presentation Slides




Selected references used in the PCCC Course:
"Can 40 Seconds of Compassion Reduce Patient Anxiety?"
"Clinical Empathy as Emotional Labor in the Patient-Physician Relationship"
"Enhancing Physician-Patient Communication"
"Invite, Listen, And Summarize: A Patient-Centered Communication Technique"
"Key Communication Skills and How to Acquire Them"
"Words that Help Build Empathy"


Selected video links used during the PCCC Course:

“It’s Not About the Nail"

“Father Guido’s Five Minute University"

“Man With Two Brains"

“Get Service Video”


"The Power of Words"


Photo Gallery