Amy H Keagy

Laboratory Manager

Biology | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Teaching:  Principles of Biology Lab, General Biology I Lab, General Biology II Lab & Lecture, General Biology III, Anatomy & Physiology I Lab, Ecology & Histology Labs


B.S. (Biology) Converse College (1993)
B.F.A. (Studio Art) Converse College (1993)
M.S. (Botany) University of South Florida (1996)

currently pursuing Ed.D., University of North Florida 


My greatest enjoyment as a scientist is in studying the relationships between various organisms and the factors that influence their dynamics. Mutualistic relationships of figs with fig wasps, fungal symbionts that nourish insects and carnivorous plant genera have all piqued my interests and enhanced my appreciation for the natural world. My background as an artist has further developed my skills for observation and I utilize my talents as a scientific illustrator as often as possible.

My current research pursuits involve biology education research.  I am interested in the development of undergraduate students and factors that influence their success.  

KeagyContact Information

Building 59, Room 1310

(904) 620-1796