William R Woods

Adjunct • (W. Ronald Woods, P.E.)

Construction Management • College of Computing, Engineering & Construction

Areas of Expertise

Licensed Professional Engineer, Certified General Contractor, Certified Roofing Contractor, Certified Special Inspector of Threshold Buildings.  Extensive experience in construction/structural forensics, construction materials evaluation, testing and design; structural analysis and design, geotechnical engineering and civil engineering.


BSCE University of Florida



Engineer of the Year, 2000-Northeast Florida

Publications & Presentations


Woods, W. Ronald; Andres, Cameron K.; Smith, Ronald C.; “Principles and Practices of Commercial Construction”, 9th Edition, Pearson Higher Education, Columbus, Ohio.

Conference Proceedings

Woods, W. Ronald, "Design of Pavements in High Groundwater Areas", Proceedings of the Geotechnical and Materials Engineers Council (GMEC), State Conference, 1992

Woods, W. Ronald , “Design of Industrial Pavements”, Proceedings of the State Meeting, ASCE, Jacksonville, Florida, 1995.


Refereed Journal Articles

Woods, W. Ronald and McIntosh, Kirk A.,"Electromagnetic Pile Length Determination", Proceedings of the Deep Foundations Institute, National Conference, October 1996.

Woods, W. Ronald and Adcox, John W., “What is Durable Concrete?”, Journal of Construction Education, Curriculum, Law, and Industry, Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) – Southeast, August 2000.

Adcox, John W. and Woods, W. Ronald, “What is Durable Concrete?”, Journal of The American Professional Constructor, American Institute of Constructors, June 2001.

Woods, W. Ronald and Adcox, John W. “A General Characterization of Pavement System Failures with Emphasis on Selecting a Repair Process”, Journal of Construction Education, American Schools of Construction, Volume 7, No. 1, Spring 2002.


Online Courses

Woods, W. Ronald, “Every Word Counts”, an online course in contract review for engineers and architects, pdhonline.org, 2003 (www.pdhonline.org)

Woods, W. Ronald, “Law and Rules For Engineers”, an online course in the engineering law (Chapter 471, Florida Statutes) and rules of the board of engineers (Chapter 61G15, Florida Administrative Code), Adcox Group, 2008 (www.adcoxgroup.com)


Miscellaneous Articles

Woods, W. Ronald and Krasno, Daniel S.,"A Thousand Points of Data", Civil Engineering, 1994

Woods, W. Ronald, "Preventing Cracks in Concrete Slabs", The Compleat Contractor, The Contera Group, October 31, 2000

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Woods, W. Ronald, "Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990", NAIOP Legislative Update, 1992



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(904) 620-2683