TracDat Assessment Software  

All Academic Learning Compacts (ALCs) and Graduate Academic Learning Compacts (GALCs) must be entered in TracDat. For help with preparing ALCs and GALCs in TracDat: 

  • Consult the TracDat “One Pager” (The Basic Stuff you Need to Know to Get Started Entering your ALC/GALC in TracDat). 


Your unit’s TracDat area can be designed so as to accommodate your professional accreditation needs, in most cases with little or no duplication of effort with ALC and GALC reporting. Please contact Dr. Amanda Kulp, Director of Assessment, for assistance in configuring your TracDat area to meet your accreditation needs.



Software Selection Process


UNF engaged in a thorough and deliberate process for selection of software for management of assessment and strategic planning. The process was described, with sample documents, in a presentation given by Dr. Miller and Ms. Brayton at the SACS annual meeting in Dec. 2012.